Cincinnati Lawn Care Tips

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How to Have a Green Lawn Year-Round

In Cincinnati, lawn care is a combination of several elements:

  • fertilization
  • aeration
  • overseeding
  • weed control
  • pest control

And each of these steps need to happen at the right time. For instance, dandelion weed control needs to happen as the weeds germinate but before they seed (and you can’t prevent them). Aeration and overseeding should be done together, preferably in the fall.

Cincinnati Lawn Care Tips

Cincinnati Lawn Care: Fertilization

Fertilization is the core service of Cincinnati lawn care. To achieve a green lawn year-round, Paramount recommends six applications of fertilizer throughout the year. From early spring to early fall, we apply rapid-release fertilizer to assist in lush turf and deep root growth during the growing season. In the late fall, turf should receive a slow-release fertilizer to nourish the roots through the dormant winter and into early spring growth.

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Cincinnati Lawn Care Tips

Cincinnati Lawn Care: Weed Control

“Weed” is a broad term to cover any plant that’s not growing where we want it to. Some of the more invasive weeds in Cincinnati lawn care include:

  • Crabgrass
  • Dandelions
  • Clover
  • Violets
  • Thistles
  • Bindweed
  • Creeping charlie
  • And many more!

Different weeds grow and thrive at different times of year, so there’s not a one-size-fits-all approach for weed control. The experts at Paramount have a deep knowledge of the weeds in our area and how to prevent (if possible) or control them.

Crabgrass preventer is most effective when applied in the spring, even though the weed is a noticeable problem in the summer. That’s because you need to prevent its spread before it germinates. Meanwhile, dandelions can’t be prevented and need to be part of a broadleaf weed control program starting in later spring.

Cincinnati Lawn Care Tips

Cincinnati Lawn Care: Pest Control

Pests like grubs can absolutely destroy your lawn. White grubs are the larvae of beetles such as Japanese beetles or June beetles (and the adults cause plenty of damage to landscape plants).

The worse part is that you may not even notice a grub infestation until your grass is already dying. Grubs stay underground, eating turf roots. Prevention is key.

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Cincinnati Lawn Care Tips

Cincinnati Lawn Care: Aeration & Overseeding

Aeration is a very important part of Cincinnati lawn care, because we have such thick clay soils. Over time, the soil becomes compacted and encourages shallow root growth. An aerated lawn will let your grass roots grow deep, which will help the turf stay healthy during hot, dry summers.

Overseeding, sowing seed directly onto the lawn, is a natural complement to aeration. The seeds will easily sink into the freshly loosened soil, and new seeds will encourage the thick, lush growth that is both beautiful and prevents weeds from taking hold.

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Cincinnati Lawn Care Tips

Cincinnati Lawn Care: Beyond Grass

Grass isn’t the only plant in your landscape that needs fertilization and protection from pests. A good Plant Protection Program will prevent damage from the many insects and mites that commonly infest Ohio-area trees and shrubs.

Deep root fertilization can also revitalize unhealthy trees and shrubs with new life. Getting the right nutrients into the soil will help the roots absorb them and recover.

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To enjoy a healthy lawn all year round, Cincinnati lawn care is needed for most of the year. For a green summer, you’ll need to aerate in the fall and prevent grubs in the spring. For growth late into the fall, the grass needs fertilization earlier. And to get the earliest spring color, slow-release fertilizer in the late fall is the key.

Paramount Lawn + Landscape wants you to love you lawn! Contact us for Cincinnati lawn care, or get an instant quote on our 6-Step Lawn Fertilization Program.

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