Aeration Service Near Me: And Don’t Forget Overseeding

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Aeration Service Near Me: And Don't Forget Overseeding

Fall is the Ideal Time for Aeration and Overseeding

If you’re on the hunt for “aeration service near me,” Paramount Lawn + Landscape is eager to get your Cincinnati-area lawn prepped for fall. Our aeration and overseeding service improves the health of your turf and encourages lush growth.

  • Aeration: Loosens soil and encourages airflow by punching holes in the lawn and creating air pockets
  • Overseeding: Planting grass directly over your lawn, without tearing up the existing turf or soil

Aeration Service Near Me: And Don't Forget Overseeding

Aeration Service Near Me: Choose Local Experts

Many lawn fertilization companies offer “aeration service near me,” but the national brands don’t understand the growing conditions of Cincinnati-area lawns like a local expert. Aeration and overseeding is an important element of lawn fertilization in Cincinnati. Our heavy, clay soils easily become compacted. Dense soil promotes shallow root growth, and turf with shallow roots can’t withstand a particularly dry, hot summer (or heavy traffic from pets and kids).

Aeration creates a healthier environment for your turf’s roots by loosening this thick clay soil and the thatch that develops on top of it. The holes allow air, water and nutrients to to reach roots.

Aeration Service Near Me: Clay Soils Have Benefits, Too

Because we’re usually fighting against clay soil compaction, there’s a tendency to talk only about the drawbacks of a clay soil. However, it’s not all bad news for Cincinnati homeowners:

“Clay’s potential as one of the best soil types for plant growth lies in its unique properties. The individual particles that make up your clay are extremely small compared to other soil types such as sand, silt or loam.1 Thanks to the surface area of all those small particles, clay soil has a greater capacity to hold water and nutrients your lawn and garden needs. Managed well, clay soil typically requires less irrigation and less fertilizer, and leads to healthier plants all around.”

Aeration Service Near Me: And Don't Forget Overseeding

Why “Aeration Service Near Me” Should Include Overseeding

Overseeding along with aeration is the best way to fill in bare or brown patches in your lawn and make sure turf is thick, lush and green. While some lawn fertilization companies might skip overseeding, Paramount always includes this service when we aerate.

Since aeration loosens the soil and results in small holes in your lawn, it only makes sense to take a little extra effort to cast grass seed that can easily grow in the prepared soil. When next spring rolls around, the turf will be noticeably healthier and more beautiful.

Aeration Service Near Me: Paramount’s Cincinnati-Area Customers Love Their Lawns

Our customers give us 4.9 stars for aeration and overseeding their Cincinnati lawns. Here’s what Vera has to say:

“We use Paramount for our lawn fertilizing, shrub and tree care , aeration, and tree deep root fertilization. Everything looks great! When we have had issues, they have come right out to solve them. Very friendly staff!”

Thanks, Vera! We appreciate the kind words. And we also appreciate Mark’s input:

“We use Paramount Lawn + Landscape for all of our landscaping and lawn care needs. The team is great to work with. Always very easy to reach and friendly. Great customer service is a plus for any organization. They have a wide variety of services so they are a one stop shop. Very reasonably priced as well. I’m looking forward to continuing our business relationship!”

A picture is worth a thousand words, though, right? Derek shared this photo of his lawn:

Aeration Service Near Me

Looking for aeration service near me? Contact us for a quote. Also, check out our Lawn Fertilization resource page.

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