Sprinkler System Cincinnati: Save Your Lawn & Landscaping

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Sprinkler System Cincinnati: Save Your Lawn & Landscaping

Preserve Your Lawn & Landscaping Investment During Drought Conditions

With 55% of Ohio already reaching Abnormally Dry conditions for early summer, our Paramount Lawn + Landscape experts are predicting a possible drought for the greater Cincinnati area. While it may already feel like the depths of summer heat outside, it’s only early in the season. We’re receiving increased interest in sprinkler system Cincinnati installations, and we understand why homeowners are looking to protect their lawn and landscaping investments with irrigation.

How a Sprinkler System in Cincinnati Will Save Your Lawn

In our area, we haven’t yet seen record-breaking heat, but in June, it was reported:

“Cincinnati and Columbus each have had stretches of nearly two weeks or more with temps hitting at least 90 degrees.”

This kind of summer heat wave is pretty much to be expected in Ohio, but lawns don’t like it. The majority of turf varieties thrive optimally in temperatures between 60-75 degrees F. As hot, dry temperatures intensify, lawns can turn brown and go dormant, waiting for more favorable weather. This gives pests and weeds an opening to start taking over your lawn. It’s not a pretty picture. And no one likes to go barefoot in a brown, crunchy lawn.

But not to worry! A good irrigation system can offset the effects of heat. You’re looking for about one to 1.5 inches of water per week, ideally through heavy soaking that encourages deep root growth.

How a Sprinkler System in Cincinnati Will Save Your Landscaping

Landscaping is a broad term that covers:

  • Shrubs & bushes
  • Groundcover
  • Trees
  • Perennial plant beds
  • Annual flower beds

Each of these landscaping varieties have their own watering needs, sometimes down to the individual plant. For instance, native plants are more drought-tolerant, while bright and colorful annuals might need daily watering in hot, dry weather. A mature tree’s roots may drain the ground of moisture, killing the grass around it. A newly-planted tree, though, will die without frequent, deep watering.

When you have a sprinkler system installed, the provider should evaluate your landscaping and set up different zones and sprinkler head types to accommodate your various areas of landscaping. That way, every plant gets the water it needs to thrive.

Sprinkler System Cincinnati: Save Your Lawn & Landscaping

Sprinkler System Cincinnati:
Why Choose Paramount for Your Installation?

There are many contractors who perform sprinkler system Cincinnati installations. But not all of them specialize in irrigation and have invested in the teams and equipment to do a top-notch job.

Here are the top six reasons to choose Paramount for your sprinkler system installation:

  1. Efficiency: We install RainBird irrigation systems that are top-of-the-line for water savings. We balance the sprinkler system to optimize plant and turf health, along with reducing utility bills.
  2. Expertise: Irrigation systems are complex, requiring both electrical and plumbing skills. Also, you want an installer who will respect your lawn’s appearance, leaving your yard better-looking than when we started. Paramount’s team of certified professionals have years of experience in designing and installing irrigation systems.
  3. Convenience: Paramount’s irrigation experts set up your system for automatic scheduling. Your lawn and landscaping will get the water it needs without any effort on your part.
  4. Customizable: Our irrigation experts also understand the water requirements of different elements of your landscape, from turf to trees to flower beds. We tailor the system to fit your lawn’s specific needs.
  5. Special Financing: Get your irrigation now, when you need it. Then, pay for it over time with 12-month, 0% financing.
  6. Lifetime Service: Irrigation systems in Cincinnati need professional Spring Start-Up and Winterization maintenance. Paramount services all systems we install, and helps remind our customers when the time comes.

Sprinkler System Cincinnati: Save Your Lawn & Landscaping

What Customers Say about Paramount’s Sprinkler System Installations

We are pleased to provide five-star sprinkler system installations for our Cincinnati area customers. Here are a few of our Google reviews:

“Paramount just installed our irrigation system and I am very pleased with the work they did. The crew was fantastic. They were courteous, did the work fast, took the time to answer all my questions, and ensured that the end result met my expectations. It for sure did! The end to end process was very smooth. I definitively recommend them.” – Luisa

“I’ve been with Paramount now for about 13 years and have had a very good experience with them. In 08 they installed a full yard irrigation system and it has been operating like clockwork ever since. They maintain it for me still today.” – Robert

“Paramount was excellent. They installed both my irrigation system and my landscape lighting for a new house. They were fast, efficient and professional and kept me informed during the entire project. I would recommend them to anyone!” – Kim

“A company is only as good as the people they employ. Paramount’s employees – Charles, Dani, Jerimiah and Malik, installed lighting accents and a complete irrigation system that covers our entire yard. Both systems work flawlessly. Dani (Forman) made sure I was completely satisfied before he finished the installations. Malik gave me a tutorial of the controller and help me set up the app. I’m very satisfied with the outcome of the installation and highly recommend the outstanding team from Paramount. They are hard-working and craftsman of their jobs.” – Jerry

Thanks to our customers for these kind words! We appreciate each of you, and we look forward to helping many more customers keep their lawn and landscaping lush all season long. For a free sprinkler system Cincinnati consultation, contact us today.

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