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Tree and Shrub Care

Tree and Shrub Care

with Paramount Lawn + Landscape

About Tree and Shrub Care with Paramount Lawn + Landscape

A tree and shrub care maintenance plan is a great addition to our lawn fertilization program. Shrubs and trees are an investment in the beauty and enjoyment of your property. Our Plant Protection Program and Injection Root Feeding helps them thrive.

Tree and Shrub Care: Plant Protection Program

Our Plant Protection Program follows the seasons. We offer six applications per year. This program helps protect your ornamental trees and shrubs from plant-damaging insects that can overwhelm and destroy your plants.

In the 1st and 6th Round, trees and shrubs are treated with an application of horticultural oil, also known as dormant oil.

Various insects, mites, and galls can overwhelm the plants during winter and leave behind devastating damage to the trees and shrubs.

The dormant oil will help control these plant-damaging pests so that the trees and shrubs will start with, a healthier beginning as they de-acclimate from winter dormancy.

In Rounds 2 through 5, trees and shrubs are treated with an application of bifenthrin pesticide.

This will help control various plant damaging insects such as spider mites, mosquitoes, ants, wasps, fleas, ticks, termites, and many more. Insects that come into the sprayed area will become exposed to the pesticide ‘and die within minutes or hours.

Bifenthrin is safe for people, and pets once the treated area has dried.

  1. Winter: Dormant oil
  2. Spring: Insecticide spray
  3. Early Summer: Insecticide spray
  4. Mid Summer: Insecticide spray
  5. Late Summer: Insecticide spray
  6. Fall:  Dormant oil (Protectant)

Tree and Shrub Care: Injection Root Feeding

During spring and fall, we inject a high-quality, non-water soluble fertilizer directly into the root zone of your trees and shrubs that need feeding.

About Paramount Lawn + Landscape

We’re the local Cincinnati lawn services company that customers love. Our helpful, local experts listen to your tree and shrub care concerns and work with you to develop a maintenance plan. Our team of professionals focus on timeliness and leaving your property looking great. We want you to love your lawn and landscape.

Paramount Plant Protection Program

Deep Root Fertilization

We also offer a deep root fertilization for trees and shrubs that will get the nutrients your plants need down deep where the plants can get to them. If your trees or shrubs seem to be suffering, call us to have one of our lawn fertilization specialists come do an inspection on your property and perform the needed service. It most likely can be handled with a deep root fertilization to get the right nutrients down to the roots’ level and absorbed.

We’ve turned around many trees, shrubs and other plants with our state-of-the-art fertilization applications. There’s a reason we are the top landscaping company in the area – find out for yourself and see what we could do for your lawn!

About Paramount Lawn + Landscape

With lawn fertilization from Paramount, you’ll love your lawn. And we love our customers. We stay on schedule, respect your property and are happy to take time to answer your questions.

The grass is always greener on the Paramount side!


  • We use Paramount for our lawn fertilizing, shrub and tree care, aeration, and tree deep root fertilization. Everything looks great! When we have had issues, they have come right out to solve them. Very friendly staff!

    paramount review stars
    Vera Lake
  • Doug at Paramount has saved some very mature trees by applying fertilization via deep root injection. My backyard looks great.

    paramount review stars
    Paul Schlehr
  • We have had them do our mulch beds many years and that turns out good too. They just did ours today and it looks great. It had been about 3 years since we did mulch in the beds and they cleaned up all of the weeds, old leaves, and trimmed the bushes great. They also did the edging as expected and then mulched. Everything looks brand new. We also had them pull out some old bushes and put in new. Planted some sod as well.

    paramount review stars
    Robert D.
  • The team at Paramount did an excellent job in edging all my landscape beds and laying down mulch in addition to an overall spring clean up. The yard looks fantastic. I was not only impressed with the quality of work, but the pricing too. Highly recommend. No need to look any further.

    paramount review stars
    Ben Brotzman
  • They are responsive and do a great job every time. If there ever are questions or additional jobs, they are always able to give a quick quote and direct me to other vendors if it is not something they do. I had a tree fall, and they were able to give a reasonable quote that same day.

    paramount review stars
    Matt Stark
  • Ben applied treatment to boxwood shrubs. He was friendly and took time to answer my questions.

    paramount review stars
    Regina Coleman
  • Ben called ahead and told me that he was 5 minutes out which really gives me a heads up that someone is going to be on our property. Ben took the time to talk with me about our service but then I asked him about a pine tree that is struggling on our land. He took the time to look at it and gave me suggestions to take care of the pine. I really appreciated his time and I would recommend home owners to have Ben take care of your lawn service needs.

    paramount review stars
    Stacey Vermette


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