Preventative Pest Control Program: Protect People & Pets

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Preventative Pest Control Program: Protect People & Pets

Dreaming of Spring? Don’t Let Pests Become Nightmares

Spring is almost here! And after that, the joys of summer. We can hardly wait for long, warm evenings spent outdoors, enjoying time with our friends and family. But it’s also true that mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and other pests are eagerly awaiting spring. They also want to spend some quality time with humans (and their pets). Paramount Lawn + Landscape’s preventative Pest Control Program will stop them, ah, dead in their tracks.

Paramount’s Pest Control Program:
What Does it Do?

Our Pest Control Program prevents and eliminates populations of these common pests:

  • Ants
  • Mosquitoes
  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Many other common insect pests

Along with keeping the pests out of your yard and landscaping, our outdoor perimeter control keeps them out of your home, as well.

Preventative Pest Control Program: Protect People & Pets

Paramount’s Pest Control Program:
How Does it Work?

Four times per year, we treat the outdoor perimeter of structures (like your home, garage, shed) along with your entire yard:

  1. Late Spring: As the weather starts to warm, insects start to emerge, and we treat before they are out in force
  2. Early Summer: Once temperatures reach 70 degrees, insects are fully active (and looking for a meal)
  3. Mid Summer: Now’s the time that ticks become a true problem for people and animals
  4. Early Fall: Insects are looking for warmer places to live. We won’t let that place be your home! Fleas can be an especial nuisance at this time

It’s important to note that we do not need to enter your home. The entire service is completed outdoors.

Preventative Pest Control Program: Protect People & Pets

Paramount’s Pest Control Program:
What Do We Use?

The pesticide we use is called bifenthrin, which has been widely available for many years and heavily tested in laboratories for safety. It’s a manmade version of pyrethrins, which come from chrysanthemum flowers. If you’ve ever purchased an ant spray or other insecticide, its active ingredient was likely bifenthrin.

The National Pesticide Information Center adds:

“Bifenthrin interferes with the nervous system of insects when they eat or touch it. It’s more toxic to insects than it is to people because insects have lower body temperatures and smaller body size….Bifenthrin is not likely to reach groundwater because it binds tightly to soil.”

Paramount’s Pest Control Program:
Why Hire Experts?

Since the product we use is common and safe, you may wonder if you could control these pests yourself. As a DIY, it would take quite a bit of research to gain expertise, investment in equipment and time spent applying the product. Our pest control program experts know exactly how to treat your lawn and perimeter safely and effectively, including:

  • The proper concentration
  • How much to apply
  • The best times for application

Preventative Pest Control Program: Protect People & Pets

Paramount’s Pest Control Program:
How Does it Protect People & Pets?

We’re proud to offer our pest control program to our customers. It’s going to make your life so much more enjoyable!

  • No one needs to be told how awful mosquitoes are. And they like to come out at dusk, when the day is often most beautiful. Imagine a summer without bug sprays, citronella candles or torches (which don’t seem to work anyway, do they?)
  • Mosquitoes also can carry diseases that affect humans, although that’s fairly rare for the Cincinnati area.
  • Heartworm is a contagious and dangerous infection for dogs, and it is spread to them by mosquitoes. If a pet misses its heartworm preventative, it can become exposed.
  • Flea and tick prevention is important for cats and dogs, and it’s even better for them not to be exposed in the first place. There’s a whole host of diseases from these pests that can endanger pets.
  • Speaking of ticks, there’s the real danger for humans. Ticks in our area can spread Lyme disease, which is debilitating. And, in the last few years, ticks have proliferated beyond the forest and are commonly found in backyards around Cincinnati.
  • Ants are not terribly dangerous, but they are incredibly annoying! When they infest your home, they contaminate food and cause damage.

Paramount’s Pest Control Program is an add-on service to our Tree and Shrub Care Program. And we specialize in Lawn Fertilization in Cincinnati. Contact Us for a quote.

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    Preventative Pest Control Program: Protect People & Pets