Sprinkler System Winterization: The Time is Now!

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Sprinkler System Winterization: The Time is Now!

Protect Your Investment for the Coming Years

Paramount Lawn + Landscape installed several irrigation systems this season, so we want to take the time to help our customers understand the importance of sprinkler system winterization. We will professionally winterize any system that we’ve installed. And it’s much more involved than simply turning off the system.

Sprinkler System Winterization: Benefits

If you want your sprinkler system to be usable next season, you must winterize it. With proper maintenance, your irrigation system can last for 20 years or more. But nothing ruins irrigation faster than freezing weather. In the Cincinnati area, you should try to complete winterization by Thanksgiving.

There are two main elements to sprinkler system winterization:

  1. Removing water from the system
  2. Protecting the backflow device

Plus, professional sprinkler system winterization costs less than you think. While installation is a more significant investment, sprinkler system maintenance is fairly economical.

Sprinkler System Winterization: The Time is Now!

Sprinkler System Winterization:
Removing Water from the System

The biggest part of sprinkler system winterization is “blowing out” the system. Using an air compressor, we gently blow air through the entire underground network, removing all standing water. The water that helped your turf and landscaping grow green and lush will destroy PVC piping over the course of a winter. As freezing water expands:

  • Pipes will burst
  • Glue joints will come apart
  • Sprinkler heads will crack and break

It’s critical to winterize using low-pressure, high-volume air. If the air compressor is set too high, it could damage system components. Winterization can’t be rushed and requires patience.

In the spring, if you turn on a sprinkler system that hasn’t been winterized, you’ll experience a series of geysers and underground leaks. The system may be so damaged that re-installation is necessary. It’s an expensive mistake to make.

Sprinkler System Winterization: The Time is Now!

Sprinkler System Winterization:
Protecting the Backflow Device

The backflow device is that mysterious brass contraption that prevents groundwater from contaminating your drinking water. It’s an important safety feature of your sprinkler system (and it’s legally required). The backflow is also one of the most delicate and expensive elements of your system.

If your backflow device is damaged, it cannot be repaired. You have to replace the entire thing. So, it’s very important to protect it from freeze damage. That’s another element of a sprinkler system winterization service.

Separately, your backflow device needs to be inspected and tested annually by a certified provider. Each county in our region maintains a database of backflow devices. Here’s Hamilton County’s Public Health page on the topic. Feel free to reach out to us with questions about your backflow testing.

If you have a Paramount sprinkler system, make your winterization appointment today. The time to preserve your investment is now!

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