Sprinkler System Installation for Lawns, Landscaping & Containers

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Sprinkler System Installation for Lawns, Landscaping & Containers

How to Plan & What to Expect

A sprinkler system installation from Paramount Lawn + Landscape is the top way to keep your lawn and landscaping healthy and green during the heat of the season. Automatic sprinkler systems take the hassle out of watering your grass and plants.

We’ll walk you through the process for design and installation, so you know what to expect. Residential irrigation systems focus on three main areas:

  1. Lawns
  2. Landscaping
  3. Containers

Sprinkler System Installation for Lawns

To thrive, most lawns need about 1.5 inches of water each week– that’s about 7.5 inches per month. But the average precipitation in Cincinnati ranges from 2.64 inches to 4.72 inches, which is not enough to keep turf green. At some point, you’ll need to water your lawn. We created this video with basic tips.

Watch the video: Basic Watering Tips for Your Lawn

A sprinkler system installation will automatically take care of your lawn’s watering needs for you. But it’s important for your installation to start with a good design, which includes:

  • High-quality irrigation system components – we install industry-leading Rain Bird sprinklers
  • Understanding your lawn and property – type of turf, slopes, if there are trees in the lawn, your water pressure
  • Understanding your landscaping – the placement, sun exposure and water needs of trees, shrubs, perennial beds, annual beds, containers, etc.
  • Number of zones – based on the size of your lawn and individual zone watering needs
  • Type and placement of sprinkler products – from pop-up sprays to rotator nozzles to container tubing
  • Irrigation controller placement – where it will be safe from the elements but also accessible to service
  • Backflow device placement – required by law to prevent contamination of drinking water

Here’s an example sprinkler system installation diagram from Rain Bird to show you a basic design.

Sprinkler System Installation for Lawns, Landscaping & Containers

Sprinkler System Installation for Landscaping

Homeowners invest a lot of care and money into their landscaping to make it just right. From beautiful shade trees to shrub borders to gorgeous displays of color, your landscaping makes your outside spaces wonderful places to spend time. And all of these landscaping plants need the right amount of water to withstand drought and grow deep, healthy roots that will help them survive the dormancy of winter.

Installing an irrigation system requires burying water pipes and connecting them to the irrigation controller. The goal is to trench carefully and “leave no trace,” just like when you’re hiking. Here’s a picture of the Paramount crew doing a sprinkler system installation for a Cincinnati customer, so you get an idea of what to expect.

Sprinkler System Installation for Lawns, Landscaping & Containers

Sprinkler System Installation for Containers

There are so many reasons to love container gardening! You can enjoy flowers and foliage on porches, patios, walls and anywhere you like. It’s easy to control the soil quality, so the plants stay healthy. And it’s often faster to plant containers than a flower bed. But there’s one major drawback: container gardens need to be watered every single day.

Automatic drip irrigation is the solution to daily watering. No more hauling the hose out or filling up endless watering cans. Rain Bird describes how it works:

“An automatic drip irrigation system for containers works by placing a drip line into the container and attaching it to a timer that will water the plants at specific times. All you need to do is set the timer, and your plants will receive the water they need without any effort from you.”

This kind of sprinkler system installation takes special attention to detail:

  • Place the right kind of drip hoses or sprays for plants to be watered sufficiently
  • Pay attention to hiding the infrastructure, so it doesn’t detract from the aesthetics
  • Connecting the drip system to the main irrigation system

Are you ready to forget about watering? Contact Paramount for a sprinkler system installation and get prepare to relax. Feel free to go on vacation without bothering your neighbors. Enjoy a lush lawn and vibrant garden all season long.

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