Is Cincinnati in a Drought?

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Is Cincinnati in a Drought?

How to Help Your Lawn Withstand Dry Conditions

With little to no rain for weeks, it’s natural to ask: Is Cincinnati in a drought? And what can I do about it? At Paramount Lawn + Landscaping, we’re passionate about keeping grass green, even in these unexpected conditions.

Cincinnati Drought Level is “D0, Abnormally Dry”

According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, our region (and most of Ohio) is in the earliest stage of drought, D0 Abnormally Dry. Other parts of the country, like much of Kansas, are at the highest level, D4 Exceptional. We’re fortunate not to be experiencing such a deep drought, but it’s unusual for Cincinnati drought and heat to start this early in the season. Typically, we might expect weather conditions like this in August or September.

Cincinnati Drought May Continue or Worsen

The National Integrated Drought Information System at also shares information on expected rainfall in the next month. There’s a fair chance that Cincinnati and other Ohio and Northern Kentucky regions will receive below-normal precipitation. Right now, it stands at a 33-40% chance we won’t get the rainfall we need for lawns to thrive.

Is Cincinnati in a Drought?

Above-Average Temperatures Worsen Growing Conditions

In June, Cincinnati usually averages a high of 83 degrees F. We’ve already seen several 90+ degree days, and the month is just getting started. This high heat combined with no rainfall is particularly stressful for lawns and landscaping. You may have notice that your grass stopped growing, and your plants may be drooping.

Here’s a chart showing average high and low temperatures, along with an expected 9 days of rain, with a total of 4.7 inches– June is tied with April for being the expected wettest month. Without the expected rain, homeowners need to plan for the summer to come.

Is Cincinnati in a Drought?

What Can I Do about the Cincinnati Drought?

Your lawn doesn’t have to suffer because of drought conditions! Here are our Cincinnati drought preparedness steps to take as soon as you can (and what you can do right this moment to protect your grass).

  1. Irrigation
  2. Lawn fertilization
  3. Aeration & overseeding

Cincinnati Drought Preparedness:
1. Irrigation

The quickest fix to prepare for a Cincinnati drought and prevent damage to lawn and landscape is professional sprinkler system installation. At Paramount, we design your irrigation system to provide the optimal water to turf, landscape beds and trees. Basically, we set it, and you can forget it until it’s time to make your winterization appointment.

It’s not likely to get a sprinkler system installed in the next week or so, when drought damage to your lawn is imminent. Install schedules across the Cincinnati area are fairly well booked into the coming weeks. But this certainly won’t be the last drought in Ohio and Northern Kentucky– and maybe not even this year. As we said, our dry season usually happens in late summer and early fall. Getting on the schedule now for sprinkler system installation will save you worry (and dead turf) in the future.

If you have no better options, it may be time to rummage around in the shed to find the hose sprinkler attachment. Twice a week, water each section of grass for about 30 minutes each session. Aim for before 10AM or after 6PM. Depending on the size of your lawn, this could be a time-consuming commitment.

Learn more about Paramount’s sprinkler system installation…

Cincinnati Drought Preparedness:
2. Lawn Fertilization

A healthy lawn is ready for the weather Ohio throws at it, from dry heat to cold snow. Paramount’s 6-step lawn fertilization program nurtures your lawn at exactly the right time with:

  • Instant-release fertilization
  • Slow-release fertilization
  • Crabgrass control
  • Broadleaf weed control
  • Insect and grub control

We have current availability in our lawn fertilization schedule, and our next round is early summer. Along with watering your turf, this is the best thing we can recommend for helping your lawn thrive during this Cincinnati drought.

Learn more about Paramount’s 6-step lawn fertilization program…

Cincinnati Drought Preparedness:
3. Aeration & Overseeding

Aeration and overseeding your lawn promotes lush growth and deep roots. Thick grass helps prevent excess evaporation of moisture, as it shades the soil. Deep roots seek out the moisture that’s hidden below the surface.

In drought conditions, Cincinnati soil tends to shrink and crack. Fox19 reports on how that’s bad for a home’s foundations:

“When we have this dry weather over a long period of time, our clay soils that we live in and our homes are built on, they start to shrink up,” Ohio Basement Authority Sales Manager John Keegan said. “They’re supposed to be expansive soil by nature but during really dry periods it becomes a shrink soil at that point.”

Shrink soil is equally damaging to turf. Aeration breaks up the soil and prevents this clumping in the first place. Typically, we recommend this service in the fall, but your lawn may benefit earlier if the soil is significantly compacted and you have bare spots already.

Learn more about Paramount’s aeration and overseeding service…

Now, we all know about Ohio weather. If you don’t like it, just wait a minute. Plentiful rain and cooler temperatures may be just around the corner. But this certainly won’t be the last scare for Cincinnati drought. Get prepared to be confident this summer and all the summers to come.

Get an instant quote for lawn fertilization, and contact us for more tips on protecting your lawn and landscaping.

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