Injection Root Feeding – Getting To The Root Of The Problem

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We don’t often think about the health of our trees until it is too late. Sure we might have a limb or two die throughout the year, so we chop it off and let the tree continue to just do its thing. But what is going on inside the tree? What is happening to its root system? What is making the limbs die one by one with each passing year? Sunlight, soil, water, age – there are many factors that can either help or hinder a tree’s health. Injection Root Feeding is the best way to ensure your tree is healthy right down to the roots.

Injection Root Feeding will, pun intended, get right the root of the problem. The process is relatively simple. We insert a probe into the soil near the root system of a tree or shrub. Pressure from the machine sends a liquid fertilizer from the tank straight into the soil. Tree size and soil analysis helps determine how much fertilizer is needed. The size of the tree or shrub will help dictate where the feeder roots are located (see the diagram below – black represents the tree trunk and roots, green is the tree canopy drip line, and in between the red dashes represents the highest concentration of feeder roots where the fertilizer should be injected).

Although it sounds like it would be easy for a homeowner to do this on their own, do not attempt it. The wrong combination of fertilizers, the wrong placement, or the wrong amount can do more harm than it will good. Save your trees with injection root feeding!

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