Plants That Thrive In Shade – Hostas

 In Tree and Shrub Care

If you are looking for the perfect plant for your shaded areas, look no further. Hostas are the perfect shade loving foliage. If you have an area that is too shaded for anything to grow, such as under large trees or under a deck, plant some hostas and they will rapidly fill in your bare spots.

There are numerous varieties of hostas – dwarf hostas and giant hostas, hostas of all shades of green and with variegated leaves, hostas that bloom in different colors from white to blue.

Hostas begin growing in early spring; they are typically the first plant you will see beginning to grow.  They are very easy to transplant and once they have taken root they will typically thrive. If you let them go to seed, each year you will have more and more baby plants surrounding the parent plant.

Hostas are descendants of wetlands plants, so they don’t mind water. In fact, the wetter the plant the better it will grow. They grow very well next to streams, ponds, and bogs and of course in the shade.

The only problem with hostas is that deer love them. If you live in an area that has a large deer population you might want to look into different ways to keep the deer away, such as fencing or a chemical such as Liquid Fence.

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