Now’s the Time to Get on the Lawn Fertilizer Schedule

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The Time to Get on the Lawn Fertilizer Schedule is Now

Lawn Care Fertilization Starts as Early as Late February

Looking out at the frozen landscape of January, it can be hard to imagine that we are a little over a month away from starting the lawn fertilizer schedule for 2024. But in late February or early March, Paramount Lawn + Landscape starts the first and critical application of crabgrass pre-emergent and grass fertilizer.

Lawn Fertilizer Schedule Overview: 6 Steps to Love Your Lawn

We have one goal: we want our customers to love their lawn and landscape. We’ve designed our 6-Step Lawn Fertilizer Schedule to give you a green lawn all year long (many of our customers are enjoying green turf even now!). Some of our team just returned from a lawn fertilization conference, and we expect our professionals to stay at the top of industry innovations.

Here’s an overview of Paramount’s lawn fertilizer schedule, so you know what to expect.

  1. Early Spring: Pre-emergent herbicides to keep crabgrass from sprouting and taking over your lawn. Fertilizer that will start to take effect as grass germinates.
  2. Late Spring: More pre-emergent herbicide for later-growing crabgrass, along with broadleaf weed control (these weeds can’t be prevented from germinating). More fertilizer for better early-season growth.
  3. Early Summer: Insect and grub control. It’s important to prevent grubs, because you only know they are there once they kill the turf. Fertilizer, of course.
  4. Late Summer: Fertilizer to help recover from hot summer weather, along with broadleaf weed control to catch those persistent weeds.
  5. Early Fall: Early preparation for the winter to come, with fertilizer that promotes root growth.
  6. Late Fall: Slow-release fertilizer to nourish your turf through the winter and get it ready for spring.

What Other Services Are on the Lawn Fertilizer Schedule?

Several of Paramount’s lawn care services are a natural fit in the lawn fertilizer schedule. These help your lawn, shrubs and trees stay healthy and vibrant.

  • Tree and Shrub Care: Paramount’s Plant Protection Program goes year-round, from spring to winter. Deep root fertilization happens in the fall, or when you first notice that a tree isn’t thriving.
  • Aeration and Overseeding: Aerating your lawn and sowing new grass seed is an important part of ensuring a lush, green lawn. It’s best to do this service in the fall, although spring is a good option for lawns that haven’t been cared for in several seasons.
  • Perimeter Pest and Mosquito Control: As pests begin to emerge in late spring, we treat your property’s perimeter and entire yard. Treatments go through early fall to last until pest go dormant for the winter.

Paramount Customer Reviews

We have the best customers, and making them happy is our #1 goal. Here are what some customers are saying about Paramount’s lawn fertilizer schedule.

“Ben from Paramount did great work on my lawn this morning. I use Paramount for weed control and fertilization. He is very thorough and friendly. I have dogs, and he always makes it a point to ensure the gate is closed so the dogs do not get loose.” – Katelyn

“Brad came out today for lawn fertilization. Brad took his time and assured all aspects of our lawn was treated as if he was treating his own home.” – Hammer

“Paramount has also planted some trees for us that worked out well. We also depend on them to do our fertilization and weed control and that has been great.” – Robert

“I was so pleased I began using them for their expertise in shrub and tree fertilization, and finally added my lawn fertilizing as well. I like dealing with a family owned business that is professional and personal.” – Charles

Lawn Fertilizer Schedule Pre-Pay Discount

For a limited time, Paramount is offering a 5% pre-pay discount when you sign up for the lawn fertilizer schedule in 2024. It’s a convenient way to make sure your lawn care gets scheduling priority and to save. Get an instant quote or contact us for details.


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