Aeration & Overseeding Lawn in Fall

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Aeration & Overseeding Lawn in Fall

This 2-Step Process Will Make Your Lawn Lush Next Year

Preparation is the key to success. And a successful lawn is thick, green and healthy. An aeration and overseeding lawn in the fall service will get your turf ready for a beautiful 2024.

The time to schedule aeration and overseeding is now! Don’t miss out on this cost-effective service that will make you smile next spring. Read on for an explanation of how it works and how Paramount does it differently.

Overseeding Lawn in Fall: Explained

Lawns with thin turf coverage or bare spots won’t recover on their own. Overseeding a lawn in fall is the best time to correct this problem for the following spring and summer. The process involves spreading grass seed over your lawn to encourage new growth (as opposed to reseeding, which is ripping out a lawn and starting fresh). It’s a fairly inexpensive solution, especially when compared to new sod.

Why is fall the best time? Here are a few reasons:

  • The soil is still warm from the summer, but the air temperatures are cooler for emerging seedlings
  • There’s less active weed growth than in the spring, so seedlings don’t have to compete for space and nutrients
  • Roots will have time to grow enough to withstand winter

Aeration & Overseeding Lawn in Fall

Aeration Lawn in Fall: Explained

Aeration works with overseeding lawns in the fall. As you can see in the above picture, aeration punches holes through your turf and into the soil. The process is an important aspect of lawn help, such as:

  • De-compresses our thick, clay soil, so water and nutrients can penetrate deeper to turf roots
  • Encourages turf roots to grow deeper and thicker, which improves health and drought-resistance. Roots will grow deeper within 8-10 weeks
  • Breaks up thatch, the layer of dead material that mats around the base of turf and can prevent water absorption and turf spread

Aeration & Overseeding Lawn in Fall

Aeration & Overseeding Lawn in Fall:
The Paramount Difference

We start aeration and overseeding lawns in fall in September and continue through October. We’re confident that our service is the highest quality you’ll find in the Cincinnati area (because we want you to love your lawn!). We take our time to make sure your lawn is setup for success. Three elements set us apart:

  1. Double-pass aeration: We know Cincinnati’s tough soils, so we make sure to break up those clods and thatch
  2. High-quality seed: We use Premium Fescue seed
  3. Starter fertilizer: We feed the seed with a kick-start of fertilizer

Aeration & Overseeding Lawn in Fall:
Prepay to Enter to Win

Pre-pay for your aeration and overseeding service, and you’ll also have a chance to win a fantastic Blackstone griddle! Imagine cooking up delicious meals outdoors this season on your brand-new griddle. It’s a real beauty, and we can’t wait for it to find a home.

To protect your newly-lush lawn, we recommend our professional lawn fertilization in Cincinnati service, specially designed for our area by local experts. Get a quote now. For more tips on growing a healthy lawn, check out our Lawn Fertilization Resources.

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    Lawn Help: Aeration & Overseeding this Fall