Perimeter Pest and Mosquito Control

and ticks in your lawn and landscaping

Eliminate mosquitoes, ants, fleas

Perimeter Pest and Mosquito Control

Perimeter Pest and Mosquito Control

with Paramount Lawn + Landscape

About Perimeter Pest and Mosquito Control with Paramount Lawn + Landscape

Don’t let mosquitoes and other pests ruin your outdoor spaces. Take back your yard with our Perimeter Pest Control Program. We help control:

  • Mosquitoes
  • Ants
  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches
  • Other crawling insects

How Paramount's Perimeter Pest Control Program Works

We treat both the perimeter of your property and the entire yard. We apply treatments four times a year, starting in late spring and ending in early fall. This time period is when common pests are more active.

  1. Late Spring: As the weather starts to warm, insects start to emerge, and we treat before they are out in force
  2. Early Summer: Once temperatures reach 70 degrees, insects are fully active (and looking for a meal)
  3. Mid Summer: Now’s the time that ticks become a true problem for people and animals
  4. Early Fall: Insects are looking for warmer places to live. We won’t let that place be your home! Fleas can be an especial nuisance at this time

At Paramount, we we use the product Bifenthrin for our Perimeter Pest Control Program. This insecticide is in the pyrethroid family, which is a synthetic version of pyrethrins, which comes from chrysanthemum flowers.

Don’t let ants, fleas, mosquitoes and ticks ruin your outdoor space! Let us help you reclaim your yard.

About Paramount Lawn + Landscape

We’re the local Cincinnati lawn services company that customers love. Our helpful, local experts listen to your  lawn and landscaping concerns and work with you to develop a plan. Our team of professionals focus on timeliness and leaving your property looking great. We want you to love your lawn and landscape.

Paramount Perimeter Pest & Mosquito Control Program
Perimeter Pest and Mosquito Control with Paramount Lawn + Landscape


  • Fifth season using a lawn service, first with Paramount. COULD NOT BE HAPPIER. Greenest my lawn has ever looked, mosquito spray working wonders, and they’ve been so helpful with any question. You will be in GREAT hands with Paramount!!

    paramount review stars
    Michael Pruett
  • Ben applied treatment to boxwood shrubs. He was friendly and took time to answer my questions.

    paramount review stars
    Regina Coleman
  • Paramount does my weekly mowing, treatments throughout the year, and leaf raking. My lawn always looks great, they come out regularly and don't have to be reminded, and are always friendly when I see them. I've used them for at least 3 or 4 years now and will continue to renew.

    paramount review stars
    Julia Samet
  • We went through four lawn care companies before we started with Paramount. Our lot was fully wooded before we built eight years ago and we struggled with weed control and good coverage. Ben has done a great job treating our yard this year and it is looking fantastic. They are not the cheapest company but they have been the best. We are extremely satisfied the results.

    paramount review stars
    Bryan A
  • Paramount consistently delivers high quality and reliable service. They are very responsive to special requests, and are always friendly when I call. The broad range of services reduces the amount of time I have to spend managing and coordinating my lawn care needs...which means more time for the fun stuff!

    paramount review stars
    Woodrow Keown
  • Ben called ahead and told me that he was 5 minutes out which really gives me a heads up that someone is going to be on our property. Ben took the time to talk with me about our service but then I asked him about a pine tree that is struggling on our land. He took the time to look at it and gave me suggestions to take care of the pine. I really appreciated his time and I would recommend home owners to have Ben take care of your lawn service needs.

    paramount review stars
    Stacey Vermette
  • We’ve had just two applications of lawn fertilizer and weed/pest control so far, but very happy with the results! Our lawn was overrun with clover a little over a month ago, but you’d never know it now! Ben did our application today and was very helpful and informative, letting me know what all was done and to water the lawn in the next couple of days for best results. Thanks Ben and thanks Paramount!

    paramount review stars
    Lindsay Beckner
  • We use Paramount Lawn + Landscape for all of our landscaping and lawn care needs. The team is great to work with. Always very easy to reach and friendly. Great customer service is a plus for any organization. They have a wide variety of services so they are a one stop shop. Very reasonably priced as well. I'm looking forward to continuing our business relationship!

    paramount review stars
    Mark Magee
Paramount Team


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