Mosquito Repellent with Paramount’s Perimeter Pest Control

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Mosquito Repellent with Paramount's Perimeter Pest Control

Enjoy a Pest-Free Summer in Cincinnati

There are endless products and procedures that claim to be a mosquito repellent. From planting citronella and peppermint (when did that ever work?) to using a battery-powered insecticide diffuser (it doesn’t function in the wind!), most options are more superstition than science.

In the quest to enjoy the outdoors without mosquito bites or smelly bug spray, we’ve all tried these suspect options… and found they simply don’t repel mosquitoes.

The Mosquito Repellent that Really Works

Paramount Lawn + Landscape’s Mosquito and Perimeter Pest Control Program gives you mosquito repellent power that really works, all summer long. When you add this program to Paramount’s Lawn Fertilization service, you’re prepared to enjoy the beauty of your lawn and landscaping without annoyance from insect bites.

The program is a series of rounds, where we spray the perimeter of buildings, along with shrubs and trees. The application starts to work right away and continues repelling mosquitoes for about 21 days, when we start the next round. As we’ve shared before:

“The pesticide we use is called bifenthrin, which has been widely available for many years and heavily tested in laboratories for safety. It’s a manmade version of pyrethrins, which come from chrysanthemum flowers. If you’ve ever purchased an ant spray or other insecticide, its active ingredient was likely bifenthrin.”

Our next round of Perimeter Pest Control starts soon. We encourage you to contact us to learn more and get on the schedule.

Mosquito Repellent with Paramount's Perimeter Pest Control

How Will You Enjoy the Outdoors After Effective Mosquito Repellent?

Imagine this…

You and your family are grilling outdoors, then sit down at your patio table to enjoy a summer feast. As the sun sets, you relax with your spouse, and the kids play ball in the yard.

Or, you enjoy a romantic outdoor evening with that special someone, talking far into the night.

Maybe you’re throwing a graduation party. Everyone from babies to grandparents will be mingling and munching around the pool.

With mosquito repellent power from Paramount, the bugs aren’t invited! They won’t spoil any of your summer plans.

Mosquito Repellent with Paramount's Perimeter Pest Control

Mosquito Repellent Helps Pets, Too

For pets in the Cincinnati area, mosquitoes are more than a just a pest. Last year in Ohio, over 3,000 dogs and 20 cats tested positive for heartworm disease. This disease is spread by mosquitoes, and even preventative medicine is not 100% effective. The risk of heartworm disease to your pets can be further reduced through mosquito repellent. If they don’t get bit, they can’t get sick.

Fortunately for Ohioans, risk of serious disease in humans is small in the Midwest. But the Ohio Department of Health cautions about four diseases, including West Nile virus. Since 2012, about 327 Ohioans have been diagnosed with this disease, usually spread by the northern house mosquito.

More than Mosquito Repellent

Our Mosquito and Perimeter Pest Control Program creates a barrier around your home and property that will keep many common pests from infesting your living spaces. Beyond mosquito repellent, we also protect against:

  • ants
  • spiders
  • cockroaches
  • fleas
  • ticks
  • other crawling insects

Perimeter pest control not only keeps the bugs out, but it also prevents homeowners from needed to use pesticides inside the home. If the ants don’t invade, you don’t need to treat for them!

Want mosquito repellent that really works this season? Contact Paramount. Also, check out our other Lawn Care Resources.


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