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Trees, like every living thing, need certain nutrients to live a healthy life. Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium are the three key nutrients that trees require in the soil surrounding their root systems. Often, soil quality is very poor and contains unbalanced amounts of the three main nutrients.

The best way to find out what nutrients your soil is lacking is to have a sample tested. To have your soil tested contact The Agriculture Department at The Ohio State University. See their website to find out how and where to send your soil sample and to obtain the necessary forms needed to submit your sample.

If you find that your soil is not up to par, Injection Root Feeding may be the best way to give your soil a much needed boost to help your trees thrive. Injection Root Feeding, often called Deep Root Fertilization, is the process of injecting fertilizers about twelve to eighteen inches in the ground near the tree’s roots. This treatment will keep your trees healthy, making greens greener and helping to produce more blooms on your flowering trees.

Paramount has technicians that are trained and certified to place the proper amounts of fertilizers in the correct areas of the root system where they will be the most beneficial. These services are starting soon, so call today to get on our schedule.

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