March Newsletter 2022

 In Newsletter 2022

March is go time. Paramount is ready to make your property shine!

The Paramount Lawn Fertilization Program is second to none.
Urgent Crab Grass Pre-emergent!
Timing is everything and prevention is the key.
The program includes 2 applications of crabgrass and pre-emergent.
Our licensed and well trained team members can make your lawn beautiful. We use the very best products and state of the art equipment. The grass is always greener on the Paramount side.

Protect your investment and reduce harmful insect populations with the
Paramount Tree and Shrub Care Program.
We are just getting started with the first application of dormant oil. This environmentally friendly product prevents insect damage to your ornamental trees and shrubs.

The injection root feeding early spring application begins right now.
This is the best service that we offer and has great benefits for your Trees and Shrubs. The high quality slow release fertilizer feeds all season long. A spring and fall application results in
ultra healthy trees and shrubs.

Landscape Design and Installation is one of our specialties. We can turnkey your landscape and hardscape projects to include: Plants, Pavers, Seat Walls, Lighting, Sprinklers, Seed,
Sod and many other landscape items.


We would like to congratulate Derek Brown as our new Fertilization Manager. Derek has been with Paramount for several years as a
Fertilization Technician. He is licensed in Ohio and Kentucky for Turf, Tree and Shrub.


Please call us or click the link below for scheduling:
Lawn Care Fertilization, Tree and Shrub Spray, Injection Root Feeding, Landscape Design and Installation, Sprinkler System Installation, Landscape Lighting, and Commercial Snow Removal.

We appreciate your business tremendously!

Joe Tekulve

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