May Newsletter 2022

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Lawns are green, and plants are in bloom. Take the time to notice the beautiful flowers, plants, trees and lawns. May is the month when plants grow faster than any other month of the year.

The Paramount Fertilization Program makes “NO WEEDS” a top priority. Our trained lawn techs are using the best products and equipment to keep your lawn beautiful and weed free.
(We are currently doing round 3 of our fertilizer program) 

The 2nd round includes another application of crabgrass pre-emergent along with fertilizer. We also apply a broadleaf herbicide to control weeds such as: Dandelions, Clover, Chickweed, Plantain, Lessor Celandine, and many other weeds.

Next round is the 3rd application which includes fertilizer along with an insecticide to control surface insects and grubs. This is included in your 6 application program and is no extra charge. “The grass is always greener on the Paramount side.”


Our 6 application Tree and Shrub Spray Program controls damaging insects to help keep your trees and shrubs healthy. We can also add Mosquito and or Perimeter Pest Control to your Tree and Shrub Spray Program.


Our lawn fertilization and weed control program has six steps.

  • Round 1 is the early spring application, where we apply pre-emergent herbicides for crabgrass control, plus fertilizer to keep your grass growing green, healthy and crabgrass-free
  • Round 2 is the lawn fertilization that goes on in late spring, where we do another layer of pre-emergent herbicides for crabgrass control, as well as broadleaf weed control, and another dose of fertilizer to keep that good grass growing
  • Round 3 is our early summer application where we lay down insect and grub control, and, of course, fertilizer. If you still need more herbicide against broadleaf weeds, we’ll also do spot spraying during this application
  • Round 4 is the application that goes on in late summer, which is another dose of fertilizer and another spot spraying against broadleaf weeds, if your lawn needs it
  • Round 5 is our early fall lawn fertilization service that will lay down fertilizer to keep your lawn growing strong, and another spot spray of anti-broadleaf weed chemicals, if your lawn still needs it
  • Round 6 is the late fall application that will put a slow-release fertilizer into your lawn that can continuously feed it into the spring


Backyard Renovations: Your Outdoor Space Transformed

Landscape Design and Installation – Our landscape designers and installers are ready to transform your property into a beautiful paradise. Call for a quote today.

Sprinkler System Installation – We use all Rain Bird products which include a 5 year warranty. We only service the systems that we install so we are there when you need us. Call to schedule your sprinkler startup.

Landscape Lighting


System Includes:

Design Installation

12 Fixtures & LED Bulbs

Bluetooth Transformer

20 Year Warranty

12-Months 0% Interest

Expires on May 31st 2022

*Subject to credit approval. Call for details.

Enjoy your Spring and we appreciate your business tremendously!
Joe Tekulve

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