Why you should sign up for the 6-Step Lawn Fertilization Program

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1. Diminish Weeds

Most of today’s fertilizers will carry some type of weed treatment. (The Paramount Program includes weed treatment) Even those without weed control will give it the tools to grow thick and healthy. Grass that is thick and strong will be more resistant to weeds.

(The dreaded broadleaf!)


2. Superior Disease Resistance

Have you had an issue with losing a large part of you lawn? This is typically because of disease, which will attack the grass from the very root. If the grass has the right nutrients it will become stronger and less likely to be disease prone.


(Green lawn with a large dead area.)

3. Develop Overall Growth

Most homeowners know the frustration of having grass grow thick and lush in one area of their yard and thin and sparse in another. This is because of the lack of nutrients in the thin and sparse area. When nutrients are uneven this can cause some parts of the yard to look thick and lush and others not so much. Having your lawn fertilized will make the lawn lush and thick throughout the entire yard.

(Uneven lawn some areas are thick, some are sparse.)


4. Protection for the Soil

Grass pulls the nutrients from the soil. This gives your lawn the opportunity to grow healthy. Having a thick and hearty grass helps eliminate soil runoff. If the soil has been fertilized its much too difficult for the soil to be depleted when rain or storms come. Having a healthy soil will keep your grass nice, thick and lush for years to come.

(Nice healthy soil.)


5. Resistance to Pests

When your lawn is healthy and being fertilized it becomes very resistant to damage from pests. Even if your fertilizer does not include a pesticide, (which ours does) the thicker the grass the better. This makes it harder for the pest to take control of the lawn.


(Reminder, we offer a free grub control)


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