Lawn Fertilizer Service in Cincinnati

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Lawn Fertilizer Service in Cincinnati

Let’s Get Your Grass Green Again!

March is a month of promise, giving glimpses of the spring to come (along with reminders that winter isn’t quite ready to leave). But it’s also time to start scheduling lawn fertilizer service in Cincinnati.

What is Lawn Fertilizer Service in Cincinnati?

Lawn fertilizer service ensures the health and beauty of your grass. Paramount Lawn + Landscape’s 6-Step Lawn Fertilization Program combines fertilization with weed and pest control to give our Cincinnati-area customers a green yard all year long. It can be done! Here are 5 Reasons to Sign Up for Paramount’s Lawn Fertilization Program:

  1. Diminish weeds
  2. Superior disease resistance
  3. Develop overall growth
  4. Protection for the soil
  5. Resistance to pests

Lawn fertilizer service keeps healthy lawns beautiful and can also fix unhealthy lawns. At Paramount, we like to say our lawn fertilization program “will get your grass green again.” Our year-round program starts in early spring:

  • Round 1: Early Spring – Apply pre-emergent herbicide for crabgrass control, plus fertilizer
  • Round 2: Late Spring – Fertilizer plus pre-emergent herbicide for broadleaf weeds
  • Round 3: Early Summer – Insect and grub control, along with broadleaf weed control and fertilizer
  • Round 4: Late Summer – Fertilizer plus spot-spraying for weeds
  • Round 5: Early Fall – Fertilizer plus spot-spraying for weeds
  • Round 6: Late Fall – Slow-release fertilizer for winter, that feeds your lawn into spring

Why Hire a Professional for Lawn Fertilizer Service in Cincinnati

Many homeowners in the Cincinnati area handle lawn fertilization on their own. For instance, Ace Hardware carries Scotts 4-Step Program, which has pretty clear instructions on how to use. One bag goes on before Easter, one near Memorial Day, another close to Independence Day and finally one around Labor Day. But results vary:

Lawn Fertilizer Service in Cincinnati

Four years ago, that was new, healthy sod.

When you hire a professional for lawn fertilizer service in Cincinnati, you’re depending on their knowledge and experience. Plus, you pay them to do ONE THING, and they know they have to do it well to keep you as a customer. A homeowner has many demands on their time, and keeping grass healthy usually can’t compete with work, family and fun.

The professionals at Paramount Lawn + Landscape are passionate about lush, green lawns. That picture above makes us want to cry.

Now’s the Time to Schedule Lawn Fertilizer Service in Cincinnati

At Paramount Lawn + Landscape, we anticipate this being a particularly busy year for lawn fertilizer service in Cincinnati. With high demand, supply chain issues and a challenging labor market, the earlier you reach out, the more likely you are to get on the schedule at the right time. Our offices– and those of neighboring contractors– are receiving record numbers of calls already this season.

Enjoy the best lawn in the neighborhood! Contact us for lawn fertilizer service in Cincinnati.

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