The How’s And Why’s Of Fall Leaf Removal

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Now that we are well into fall, it is time to tackle the most dreaded task of the season… leaf removal.

Although we all enjoy the crunchy sound of the leaves under our feet on a cool fall day, leaves can truly wreak havoc on your lawn if they are not properly disposed of. Leaves can cause fungus growth on your lawn and other diseases such as pink or grey snow mold. If left on your lawn too long, the leaves will eventually kill your grass due to lack of air, too much water, or too little water getting to the turf’s roots. The same can happen to bushes and shrubs if leaves are left on top of these plants. If the thought of your gorgeous lawn dying isn’t enough to make you want to get rid of those leaves, think about pest control. Mice love to nest in leaves left on the ground. Leaves can also be a breeding ground for ticks, fleas, spiders, and other creepy crawlers. Once the weather gets a little colder those mice and creepy crawlers will end up trying to find their way into the next best and warmest thing…your house. EEK!

So what is the easiest and most efficient way to remove all of those leaves from your lawn? Well, that depends on how much work you feel like putting into it. You can hire a professional to come clean them up for you…that is really hassle free…but, if you are watching your budget it may not be the most feasible option. Raking has always been the tried and true way to do it, but if you already got your work out in for the day you might want to take an easier route. Easier than raking is using a leaf blower. The only thing about a leaf blower is you still have to get rid of the leaves afterwards. Consider the two easiest options of them all: mulching them with your mower, or using a leaf vacuum. A leaf vacuum will suck up all the leaves super quickly and it makes the disposal of the leaves a breeze. Mulching them (or simply running them over with your lawn mower) is also quick and easy, and will provide nutrients to your lawn once those little bits of leaves break down.

So…there you have it; a few reasons why you MUST remove those leaves, and a few easy ways to get rid of them. No method is better than the other, although some may be easier on your back, so whichever route you decide to go just make sure it gets done. No one wants a mouse or two finding their way from the leaves into the basement!

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