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Winter Landscape Tips For Color & Texture

Winter is an often neglected time of the year for landscaping. Most landscapes desperately need added texture and color to enhance their winter beauty.  Below are a few tips on how to bring life to a barren winter landscape.

Think berries. There are many trees and shrubs that hold their berries throughout the winter. These little pops of color can add bright texture. Hollies and crab-apples are both great options for adding color with berries.


Evergreens! Evergreens provide a ton of color, and not just the standard shades of green. Evergreens can also come in yellows and blues. Evergreens provide a perfect border and year-round texture.


Focus on bark. There are many ornamental trees that have interesting, visually appealing barks. Dogwoods and birches, to just name a few, are great for both texture and color.

Birch-trees-in-winter - Copy

Use your hardscapes as focal points. If you currently do not have hardscaping at your home, now it the time to consider having something installed. The empty winter landscape allows for the perfect time to see just what your property is missing. Trellises, benches, arbors, sculptures, interesting paver patios or sidewalks can often make a bigger impact than plants can.


Now that you have a little inspiration – get outside and start planning (and planting!)!


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