Plants For A Colorful Fall Landscape

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Looking to keep a little color in your gardens and flower beds through the cooler, fall season? Look no further! Below is a list (and pictures) of some of the most beautiful fall blooming perennials that will provide color and beauty, even after the cold hits.

Red hot poker

White Cupids Dart – This delicate flower appears mid-summer and will last through the fall.

Inula – A flat, yellow flower with delicate, narrow petals. Inula will bloom through mid-fall.

Red Hot Poker – An interesting plant that will add vibrant color and texture to your landscape.

Lilyturf – Another plant that will add interest and texture to your landscape. These lavender to blue flowers will be around throughout the fall.

Black-Eyed Susan – A more rustic looking plant, Black-Eyed Susan will bloom from late summer until the first frost.

Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ – Sedum is a great plant to provide interest throughout the summer and the fall. During the summer it provides foliage interest and throughout the fall it will provide beautiful bronzy-red blooms.

Plumbago – From late summer through the fall this shrub will provide beautiful, dainty purple blooms.

Swamp Sunflower – This daisy-like wildflower will provide golden blooms until the first frost.

There are many more perennials that will add color and texture to your landscape through the fall. Check with your local garden supply store to find the varieties that will work best in your area.

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