Sprinkler System Installation Cincinnati

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Sprinkler System Installation Cincinnati

Get Ready Now to Have the Best Lawn and Landscaping in the Neighborhood

Fall, before the ground freezes, is the perfect time for sprinkler system installation in Cincinnati. Come springtime, you will enjoy the full benefits of an in-ground irrigation system:

  • Green, lush lawn
  • Blooming, beautiful plants
  • Healthy trees

Beyond beautiful lawn and landscaping, a sprinkler system installation in Cincinnati makes your life easier:

  • Time saved – no need to water your lawn or landscaping manually
  • Optimized water use – with a smart controller, your sprinkler system only uses exactly the water your plants need
  • No worries – Your sprinkler system installation operates automatically, so you never have to worry about your lawn

Why is Fall the Best time for Sprinkler System Installation in Cincinnati?

We install sprinkler systems in every season, but autumn is truly the best time. Here are some reasons why:

  • Typically, the ground is not too wet or dry, which makes for a cleaner installation
  • You’ll be ready for any new spring plantings you have planned
  • It’s easier to get on the installation schedule in the fall, after sprinkler system winterizations have wrapped up for our other customers
  • If you install in the summer, it can be hard for the lawn to green up during the hot months, if the grass didn’t receive enough water early in the season
  • Winter installation is possible, but if the ground is frozen, it may be more difficult and costly
  • Spring is when most people start to think about outdoor projects, and it can be challenging to get scheduled for a sprinkler system installation in Cincinnati

Sprinkler System Installation Cincinnati: Why Paramount?

There are many options for your sprinkler system installation in Cincinnati. But we believe Paramount Lawn and Landscape is your top choice. We want you to love your lawn and landscape, and have installed hundreds of irrigation systems in the Cincinnati area.

Sprinkler System Installation Cincinnati

After sprinkler system installation, we keep your system in peak condition with regularly-scheduled maintenance. We support your irrigation system throughout its lifetime with warranties, spring start up service and winterization service.

Sprinkler System Installation Cincinnati

Sprinkler System Installation Cincinnati Reviews

Our customers are our best spokespeople. Here are a few reviews from our Google Business page:

“Before installing a Rain Bird sprinkler system from Paramount Lawn + Landscape…we had to move sprinkler around the yard to keep lawn looking beautiful. What a hassle! Now…it is easy and problem-free to having a nice looking lawn. Paramount did an outstanding job installing and laying out sprinkler heads…so all the lawn receives a good drink. We have had many compliments how beautifully lush green our yard looks. And their maintenance of the system is excellent. Worth every penny!!!” – Monte and Gail Wheeler

“Dennis was prompt with his follow up and competitively priced my system. Chris and his team worked hard and installed the system in two days and took time to explain my new controller features. Friendly customers service at the office too.” – Scott Hardesty, 5 Stars

“Paramount Lawn & Landscape did a wonderful job installing our sprinkler system and maintaining it. Their costs are very reasonable and they are highly responsive to customer needs. I would highly recommend their services! Our lawn’s appearance improved tremendously once they installed the system with minimal increase in our water bill.” – Nancy Young, 5 Stars

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