Irrigation System Installation for New Construction

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Irrigation System Installation for New Construction

Install a Sprinkler System Before You Sod, and Enjoy the Best Lawn in the Neighborhood

Building a new home is an exciting (and sometimes frustrating) experience. Before you move in, the last thing you may want to think about is irrigation system installation– but there’s no better time to plan for worry-free, beautiful lawn and landscaping.

In 2021, application rates for new single-family home permits in Southwest Ohio hit record highs. The Homebuilders Association of Greater Cincinnati reported from the latest available numbers:

“Overall, the Southwest Ohio region had a 27.9% increase in single-family permits YTD through July, down slightly from June’s 32.8%. However, May has been the hottest housing month for new permits so far this year, with a 34.5% increase.”

The demand from hopeful home buyers continues to outpace the number of homes available for sale, which means even more Ohioans will consider new home construction an attractive option in 2022.

Sprinkler System Installation

Top Reasons New Construction is Ideal for Irrigation System Installation

At Paramount Lawn + Landscape, sprinkler system installation is one of our core areas of expertise. When we’re contracted to do irrigation system installation for new construction, we’re confident that the homeowner is being setup for success, for several reasons:

  1. Before sod and landscaping are planted, an irrigation installer can easily install the perfect system for your landscape plan
  2. The irrigation installer will “leave no trace” and be able to grade the dirt exactly as they found it
  3. From day one, your landscaping investment will be protected from drought

Irrigation System Installation for New Construction

The Perfect Plan for Irrigation System Installation

After construction of a new home, your lawn and landscaping are a blank canvas, ready to be planted. Your new property should meet the needs of your family both inside and outdoors.

  • Will your family need a large lawn area?
  • Would you prefer a garden setting?
  • Will there be focal plants or trees?

Your ideal landscape plan informs your irrigation system installation. Landscape beds and trees have different water requirements from grass. Planning for these different landscape elements ensures the health of your plants.

Irrigation System Installation for New Construction

Leave No Trace Irrigation System Installation

Installing a new sprinkler system in an existing lawn does require trenching and disturbing the turf to some extent. Paramount Lawn + Landscape treats all properties with respect and care for their health and appearance, but the irrigation pipes and valves do need to be buried.

With new construction, the turf and plants aren’t in place yet. It’s easy for us to re-grade the dirt after an irrigation system installation and leave no trace we were ever there (except for the sprinkler heads sticking out from the ground).

Day-One Landscape Investment Protection

Brand new sod and landscaping after new construction are a significant investment. If your irrigation system installation is already in place, your plants and lawn will be protected from drought and heat on day one. You’ll never have to worry about them wilting and dying from under-watering. Also,

Interested in sprinkler system installation for your new home construction? Contact us.


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