Lawn Irrigation Systems – Let Your Plants Basically Water Themselves!

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Unless your lawn and gardens are full of cacti, you probably spend time each day watering your landscape. Watering seems like a no brainer – turn on hose, water, turn off hose. But, believe it or not, many of us have been doing it the wrong way!

If you aimlessly water random plants, or sections of your lawn here and there, when you have a minute to spare during your busy day, you are watering improperly. The main things to think of when watering your landscape are: what to water, when to water, and how much water. Luckily, with an Irrigation System you can take all of the thinking, planning, and complication out of it and let the plants basically water themselves. We can design a system that works with the specific plants and turf that you have. All of our systems come with a control box and a rain sensor. Combined, these features will ensure your landscape is never under- or over-watered!

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