Spring Lawn Aeration for a Healthy Year

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Spring Lawn Aeration for a Healthy Year

If You Want a Green Lawn this Summer, the Time to Act is Now

If you happened to skip aerating in the fall, then spring lawn aeration is the next best time. Paramount Lawn + Landscape’s aeration and overseeding service is specialized for the Cincinnati area. We’re a local company that truly understands the needs of Ohio and Northern Kentucky lawns, because we live with it every day. And we want your to Love Your Lawn and Landscape!

Typically, we recommend that our customers aerate and overseed their yards in the fall. It’s ideal for grass seed to spend the dormant winter burrowing into your soil, ready to spring to life in the.. well, spring. But, if your lawn hasn’t been aerated for a year (or more!), doing it now is better than waiting.

Why Spring Lawn Aeration if You Could Wait for Fall?

Your lawn will have an entire growing season between now and next fall. Without spring lawn aeration, serious damage could happen to your turf:

  • Compacted Soil: In the Cincinnati area, we have dense, clay soil which easily compresses until water, nutrients and root growth are shut out. Compaction happens naturally as lawnmowers and people press down on the soil. Without spring lawn aeration, your turf will grow shallow roots that won’t be able to thrive during a hot, dry summer (and we know Cincinnati gets plenty of that sort of weather!).
  • Thatch: As the soil compacts, dead grass builds up a thick, brown thatch layer. Thatch chokes out the living grass. Before you know it, you have bare, brown spots in your lawn.
  • Erosion: Severely compacted soil won’t be able to absorb the spring rains. Slopes will suffer from unsightly, costly erosion.
  • Overwatering: When rain can’t soak into flat areas, it results in puddles on top. This overwatering may drown the turf underneath.

If your lawn needs a spring aeration, we’ll also help you get back on track for fall aeration in the future. Depending on the health of your lawn, we may recommend a 2023 fall aeration, or you may be able to wait until fall 2024.

When is the Best Time for Spring Lawn Aeration?

In Cincinnati, the best time for spring lawn aeration is early to mid-March. The ground is thawing from the winter freeze, and dormant plants are starting to grow again. We typically get plenty of rain that needs to soak deep into the turf to promote deep root growth.

We should note that we always include overseeding anytime we aerate. Even if spring is not the absolute perfect time, overseeding will still help fill in brown patches and help your lawn grow more lushly.

Spring Lawn Aeration for a Healthy Year

Now’s the Time to Book Spring Lawn Aeration

At Paramount, we’re already scheduling for spring lawn aeration treatments. We want to be able to fit everyone into the schedule, so planning ahead helps. Anytime in February is a good time to contact us for a quote. Once we get into March, our crews will be in the swing of things, and it’s harder to fit new customers in.

Learn more about aeration with our article “Aeration Service Near Me: And Don’t Forget Overseeding” or check out our Lawn Fertilization resources.

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