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The grass is always greener on the Paramount side! Aeration, Overseeding, and Starter Fertilizer. Enjoy the FINE EXPERIENCE!

AOS, Aeration, Overseeding, and Starter Fertilizer is the best service you can have performed on your lawn. September is the very best time of the month for this service. The temperatures typically start to turn milder and the nighttime dew and moist air is perfect for seed germination. The longer nights and shorter days are also optimal for new grass seed.



Paramount uses the best seed. A special blend of 4 varieties of turf-type tall fescue. These are all highly rated “Blue Tag” NTEP  (National Turfgrass Evaluation Program) grass seeds. This means they are highly rated for color, durability, density, drought tolerance, disease resistance, and insect resistance, among other categories.


Paramount’s AOS service includes double pass aeration with the best, and newest equipment. We pull plenty of plugs to maximize seed-to-soil contact. We apply the highest quality grass seed. AOS also includes a top-notch starter fertilizer to help the seed germinate to its highest potential.

The results over the years have been beautiful. Adding new improved varieties of grass to your lawn is imperative to keeping your lawn at its best. Our prices are very competitive and our quality results are second to none. We take great pride in our service!



Please call the office to receive a quick quote and scheduling. We do get booked up quickly and we stop the service on October 15th. Any prepays for AOS service and/ or next year’s fertilization program service will qualify you to be entered into the December 19th, 2022 drawing. The grand prize is a Pit Boss Memphis 2 ultimate 4-in-1 gas & charcoal combo grill with a smoker.


Call us for other services too: Sprinkler Installation, Fertilization, Tree, and Shrub Spray Program, Injection Root Feeding, Landscape Lighting, Landscaping, Hardscaping, Design, and Installation.

Enjoy your fall and we appreciate your business tremendously!

Thank You,

Joe Tekulve





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