Nimblewill-Another Pesky Weed

 In Landscaping and Hardscaping

Weed season is upon us! This time of year it seems like weeds are popping up everywhere. One of the worst culprits is Nimblewill.

Nimblewill is a warm season weed that shows up around the same time as regular turf grasses are growing again. Although it resembles some species of turf grass, it is a lighter green color and does not grow nicely in thick clumps like nice turf does. In the fall, Nimblewill turns a light brown color, making your lawn look dry, patchy, and dead.

Nimblewill spreads easily and rapidly. Each plant can produce thousands of tiny seeds that will begin germinating in late spring. Unfortunately, mowing your lawn often helps the weed thrive. The mower will spread the seeds around and the Nimblewill will begin to grow wherever there is enough sunlight.

There are so many varieties of invasive weeds that it can be hard to keep them all straight. Luckily, that is what the experienced professionals at Paramount are here for! We can diagnose your weed problems and treat them accordingly, and we will continue treating them until they are gone. Call Paramount to treat your Nimblewill and eliminate the issue!

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