Landscape Color That Lasts!

 In Landscaping and Hardscaping

The most beautiful time of year for your landscape is typically the summer. However, there are three other seasons that deserve to display just as much beauty as summer does. Before you plant, take a moment to consider how a plant will change throughout the year. A plant’s transformation can add variety and make for a more interesting, long lasting design.

There are several attributes to look for when choosing plants that will last for more than one season. Choose plants that provide blooms from planting to frost. Look for foliage that changes color from spring to fall to allow change throughout the year. Plants with textured leaves or variegated leaves will also offer an interesting look all year. Another option is to include berry plants which will add a punch of color during the cooler months.

Ask your local garden center or call Paramount to find out which plants will look best in your gardens and provide you with interesting colors, textures, and dimension throughout all four seasons.

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