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The warm weather has finally returned, bringing with it a checklist of things that need to be done in order to make your lawn and landscape look its best. Paramount offers a Full Maintenance Contract that can make your property look fantastic throughout the year. A Full Maintenance Contract must include at least five of the following services:

Mowing – This includes mowing, trimming, and edging. Mowing is the only service that is not offered on its own; we only mow if the customer has a Full Maintenance Contract.

Edge and Mulch Landscape Beds – Also referred to as a Spring Clean-Up, this service will give your landscape a fresh, clean look just in time for the flowers to start blooming.

Landscape Bed Maintenance – We will keep your landscape beds weed free throughout the year.

Fertilization & Weed Control Program – Our six application program is the best around. We include all of the treatments that most companies charge extra for, such as broadleaf weed control and insect and grub control. Performed six weeks apart, each application will treat and feed your lawn throughout the entire year.

Summer OR Fall Tree & Shrub Pruning – Trimming and pruning will keep your landscape looking fantastic and help to promote new growth and budding on your trees and shrubs. If performed in both the summer and the fall, this will count as two of the five services for your Full Maintenance Contract.

Dormant Prune – Performed in the off season, this service is necessary to remove any binding branches and reshape the growth of trees and shrubs.

Late Fall Clean-Up – To prepare your landscape for the cold seasons, we will perform a general clean-up which will include cutting back perennials and removing dead growth and leaves from your landscape beds.

Fall Leaf Removal – If you have a lot of trees on your property, the leaves can be a real hassle when they all start to drop in the fall. We will come out and clear your property of the fallen leaves.

Ornamental Tree & Shrub Care – Certain varieties of trees and shrubs require special care and treatment. With a Horticulturalist on our staff, we can easily diagnose any problem that is occurring and treat it properly.

Injection Root Feeding – This treatment will literally get ‘right to the root of the problem.’ Our licensed applicators will use a probe device to inject a combination of liquid fertilizers right near the root systems of your trees and/or shrubs.

Lawn Aerification – This is the process of removing small, evenly spaced cores of turf in order to help break up the thatch layer and promote new, thicker grass growth. This can also be combined with overseeding and starter fertilizer for an even more dramatic improvement.

Sprinkler Start-Up – If we installed your Irrigation System, we will come out in the spring to start it back up and make sure everything is running properly. We can also test your irrigation backflow preventer while we are starting up your system.

Sprinkler Shut-Down – If we installed your Irrigation System, we will come out to shut it down in the fall. This process must be completed before the first freeze to prevent the system from freezing and causing problems with the pipes.

As you can tell, Paramount offers many services that can be combined to create a Full Maintenance Contract. Give us a call to get a quote on a Full Maintenance Contract or for individual services. Let us make your property shine!

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