July Newsletter 2022

 In Newsletter 2022

July Newsletter 2022

The heat is on! Water! Water! Water! Give your lawn and landscape the most important nutrient, H2O. At least one inch of water per week is necessary to keep plants healthy. Heat stress alone can really put lawns and landscapes in a bad place. How much is 1” of water? 623 gallons per 1,000 square feet. If your lawn is 10,000 square feet then you’ll need 6,230 gallons or more per week. If Mother Nature doesn’t come through, then you need the help of a Paramount Irrigation System. Our systems include all Rain Bird products which have a  5-year warranty. We only service the systems that we install so we can get to you in a timely fashion. We take extreme pride in making sure your system performs well!

Landscape Design and HardscapesThe Paramount Team is ready to design and install a beautiful outdoor project for you and your family to enjoy. Upgrade your existing landscape. Rip out old plants and replace them with new ones. Add a paver patio, seat wall, and firepit. Finish it off with Landscape Lighting and a Sprinkler System.



Lawn Care Fertilization – You are already protected from grubs if you have Paramount treating your lawn. Grub control is included in your 6 application lawn care program, at no extra charge!


Tree Shrub Spray Program– Japanese Beetles will eat holes in the leaves of your plants. When they lay their eggs, guess what they hatch into? White grubs in July / August! They can kill a lawn in no time! Also, watch out for bagworms this time of year, especially on Arborvitae.

Aeration and Overseeding – Believe it or not, the best time for this service is quickly approaching. September 1st is go time and the window closes by October 15th. Every year you should have us aerate and overseed. This is the best service to keep your lawn beautiful. Our schedule fills up quickly so call now.





Have a great summer, and remember the grass is always greener on the Paramount side!

Give us a call. 513-984-5200

Thank You,
Joe Tekulve
President/ Owner

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