Irrigation Installation in August

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Irrigation Installation in August

Cincinnati’s Hottest, Driest Month Stresses Lawns and Landscapes

If you’re considering an irrigation system installation in August, we say that it’s better late than never. The perfect time to install a sprinkler system was last fall, but if your lawn and landscape are suffering right now, let Paramount Lawn + Landscape help get them healthy and green again.

Irrigation Installation in August

Rain Bird Irrigation Installation

At Paramount, we install irrigation systems that last. Reliable performance over time make this home improvement investment pay for itself by preserving the turf, plants and trees that beautify your property. An essential element is choosing high-quality parts.

We install irrigation systems from Rain Bird, a top brand in irrigation since 1933. The manufacturer is dedicated to “The Intelligent Use of Water” worldwide and invests in innovation to improve product quality, ease of use and water conservation. Check out this Rain Bird video:

Why Not Just Water By Hand?

If you’re struggling to keep your lawn and gardens alive this hot summer, you’re probably already familiar with the inconveniences of watering by hand. It’s time-consuming and sometimes strenuous (water and hoses are heavy!). You risk either over-watering or under-watering. And have you noticed how often it rains just after you finish?

An irrigation system is so much better than watering by hand.

  • Saves time
  • Saves energy
  • Saves money on your water bill
  • Saves water use
  • Saves your lawn and landscaping

Rain sensors and smart irrigation controllers can even prevent your sprinkler system from turning on if rain is in the forecast.

The purpose of an irrigation system is to protect your landscaping investment. Based on our experience, a sprinkler system is worth the price. It provides optimal water for your turf, plants and trees and helps them thrive.

At Paramount, we install irrigation systems and also maintain the systems we install. Each year, recommended maintenance includes Spring Start-Up and Winterization. These services prolong the life of your system and are also reasonably-priced.

Learn more about irrigation on our Sprinkler System Resources page. Ready for a sprinkler system installation quote? Contact us.

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