Winter – The Fourth Season Of Color

 In Landscaping and Hardscaping

When the cold weather comes around it is easy to slip into hibernation mode. The dreary, gray sky and harsh, cold wind makes it seem like warm weather will never return. Adding a pop of color can turn your gray skies blue again. There are many plants that can thrive and add color, texture, and life to your home and gardens during the early parts of winter.

Depending on what zone you are in, there are flowers that can produce life in the late fall and throughout the early winter months. Chrysanthemums bloom in the late fall and early winter. Ornamental Kales, although not an actual flower, have a unique appearance and produce red, green, and purple shades. Pansies are great for a pop of color and can flower into the winter. Sedums, often called Autumn Joy, produce a red flower in the fall and can bloom through early winter. Asters are also fall blooming and can produce early winter flowers.

Ornamental grasses add a perfect touch to your gardens. They add depth, dimension, height, and texture. Feather grass is a hardy option for an ornamental grass. It will not produce winter flowers but will provide an eye catching display.

There are also many shrubs that will maintain their beauty into the cold season. Scotch Heathers bloom in the fall and in some areas will continue to bloom throughout the winter. Scotch Heaths maintain a dense green color throughout the winter and will often produce late winter flowers in pick and white hues. Junipers, Wintergreens, and Boxwoods are also great winter shrub options.

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