Protecting Your Landscape From Deer

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Deer, though graceful and beautiful, can become a huge problem for your landscape. For a while it may be nice to see deer on your property – but after a while their presence can become a nuisance.

Deer will wreak havoc on your plants, especially when the weather turns colder as their food sources grow thin. There is nothing worse than looking out the window and noticing that your lovely winter shrubs have been stripped of their color and allure.

There are certain shrubs that are irresistible to deer. Yews, Kale, Hemlock, and Arborvitaes – just to name a few – very rarely escape deer. However, if food sources are extremely lean, deer will eat just about anything.

People have come up with all sorts of methods used to eliminate their deer problems. From electric fences to spraying commercially available repellants, there are many options. Some have proved ineffective while others are temporarily successful. Wrapping your plants in burlap and chicken wire is a proven way to keep the deer off of your plants, the only issue with this is that it completely hides your winter shrubs and plants.

The best defense against deer is to plant trees and shrubs that are not typically on a deer’s menu. Maples, Lilacs, Birch, Green Mountain Boxwood, and Spiraea are some varieties that have shown deer resistance. Again, a very hungry deer will eat just about anything, so it may be necessary to try different resistance techniques. Once you find something that works for your deer problem, you will be able to enjoy looking at your beautiful landscape while the deer watch from a distance.

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