Take Back Your Lawn! – Eliminating Crabgrass

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With spring quickly approaching it is time to begin thinking about those pesky weeds that will start popping up everywhere in and around your lawn and landscape. One of the most frustrating and dominating weeds is known as Crabgrass.

What is Crabgrass? Crabgrass is an annual weed, meaning it is produced by seeding. It shows up year after year due to the seeds that are dropped from the plant in spring and summer. Originally native to Europe, it is technically a form of grass, but to us it is a troublesome weed. If left untreated, it will choke out the surrounding grasses – the grasses that make our lawns look so lush and healthy.

Crabgrass grows throughout the warm seasons – from the beginning of spring through summer. It is best to tackle your Crabgrass problems before the middle of May. Crabgrass is found all over lawns and thrives on and around driveways, sidewalks, and curbs.

The best way to treat and eliminate Crabgrass is to use Pre-Emergent herbicides. A product like this can be found in liquid or granular form. This herbicide will create a barrier over and around the affected area, which will prevent seeds from sprouting. Timing is incredibly important when using a Pre-Emergent and it will require knowledge of the process of germination.

With a little help from Paramount Lawn + Landscape’s Fertilization Program, the Crabgrass in your lawn can be taken care of before it becomes a problem!

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