Replanting Your Christmas Tree

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A great way to be green during the Holidays is to purchase a Christmas tree that can be replanted. Most shoppers purchase a tree that has been chopped at the bottom, but there are several nurseries that offer gorgeous evergreens with the roots still attached. ‘Recycling’ your tree is a great way to enjoy the Christmas season while adding to your landscape.

When looking for a tree to replant, make sure you look closely at the root system to ensure it will transplant well. The roots should be immediately wrapped in burlap once the it is taken from the ground. A good nursery will help you find the healthiest tree possible – very sturdy, with a large root ball and long branches. Typically a hardy evergreen, such as a spruce or fir, will hold up well before re-planting.

A ‘replant Christmas tree’ will cost more than your average tree. Typically a Christmas tree will cost between thirty and one hundred dollars, while a replant one can be anywhere from fifty to two hundred dollars.

In order to keep your tree healthy, it is important to keep the root ball wrapped and moist. The burlap sack alone will not provide enough moisture and protection while out of the ground. Try using straw, a blanket, or even old towels. The root ball should be placed in a large tub or bucket so that it can be watered regularly. Do not let your it dry up. This will not only kill the tree, but make for a dangerous fire hazard. The bottom can be covered with a decorative tree skirt to hide the roots and the tub. Once you replant in the soil, it is essential to continue to water the tree. Mulching it will help to keep in the warmth of your newly transplanted Christmas tree.

Every time you look at your transplanted tree, it will bring you fond memories of a great Christmas.

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