Overseeding For A Lush Lawn

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Like all living things, grass goes through cycles and can suffer from wear and tear. To keep your lawn looking full, lush, and green it is important to take the proper steps to maintain it. When it starts to look patchy or thin it may be time to consider putting down some seed to bring new life to your lawn. Fall is the best time of year to prepare your lawn for the following spring. Making sure that your lawn is strong enough to last through the dormant winter will ensure a healthy green lawn when the warm weather comes back around.

Sowing the lawn in the spring. A female hand in a glove holds the seeds of lawn grass over a cardboard box, against a background of green grass.

To prepare your lawn for overseeding you will first need to mow your lawn so that the sunlight can reach the new grass shoots. Clear your lawn of all clippings and rake thoroughly to remove all thatch and debris. Aerating your lawn is also a critical step as this will open up the soil and provide an inviting area for the seed to take root. Adding a thin layer of top soil is not necessary but can help new grass grow near areas where tree roots are protruding and visible. If you decide to lay a thin layer of topsoil be sure to soak it well with water before seeding.

Now that the hard part, the prep work, is done it is time to spread the seed. There are many different varieties of grasses so make sure you purchase the correct grass seed for your lawn and your climate. Using a spreader will make for an easier application and will provide better distribution.

Just because the grass seed is now spread does not mean that the work is over. Now is the time for maintenance and a little TLC. Like any new plant, grass needs to be tended to. Never let the surface dry out completely. Water frequently with a fine mist; hard watering will disturb the new seedlings and interrupt the growth process. Also make sure you keep traffic off of the newly planted areas. Applying fertilizer will also help your new grass grow full and strong. A slow release fertilizer can be used to continue feeding your lawn through the winter.

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