Fall Lawn Fertilization

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Most people think that once it gets a little colder they don’t have to think about their lawn anymore. On the contrary, fall lawn fertilization is, quite possibly, the most important step to take in order to have a lush, green lawn when spring comes back around. Turf type tall fescue, which is the type of grass that we have locally, is a common cool season turf. As the name suggests, this type of grass grows best in cooler weather.

Although the grass above the ground ceases to grow, the root system underground is still doing its job. The roots continue to grow and become thicker and stronger. Because of this, the best time to fertilize is after the summer heat has passed. Once the weeds and insects have died the fertilizer will be more effective, and will be able to give your lawn the boost it needs to hold it over through the winter months. It will also give the roots plenty of nutrients, allowing them to continue to strengthen which will in turn provide better growth in the spring. A slow release fertilizer application will give your lawn exactly what it needs to stay as healthy through the winter as it was during the spring and summer months.

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