Melting Snow – Where Does It Go?

 In Commercial Snow Plowing

Snow, snow, and more snow…where does it all go? A harsh winter can leave a home surrounded by huge piles of snow. Eventually, those piles of snow that have been pushed around your driveways and lawns will melt, and the water has to go somewhere. Unfortunately, one of the easiest places for the water to go is into your homes and basements.

Hiring a professional to solve your flood problems can be expensive. To prevent this from happening to you keep the following things in mind when removing your snow:

-Do not pile snow up near your house. When it melts it will go directly into the foundation of your home.

-Do not cover drains around your home and in your lawn.

-Do not cover street drains as these are in some way connected to the drainage around your home.

-Spread the piles out. Try to not add snow to the same pile. Creating a few smaller piles will help distribute the water when it starts to melt.

If you do end up having an issue in your home from melting snow, call a professional quickly. The faster you start fixing the problem, the less damage that will be done.

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