De-Icing With Salt – Protect Your Lawn

 In Commercial Snow Plowing

Rain, sleet, snow, and ice; these are the signs that winter has made its way to Cincinnati. The severity of the weather we will get in the winter is always up for debate, but the one thing all Cincinnatians can agree on is that we need salt – and lots of it!

Salt grains on icy sidewalk surface in the winter. Applying salt to keep roads clear and people safe in winter weather from ice or snow, closeup view.

Rock salt has been used for years to break down ice on roadways, sidewalks, entry ways, and patios. It helps to greatly reduce the potential hazards that come in the form of slick, often undetectable, patches of ice. While the number one concern this time of year is safety, it is important to keep your lawn in mind and pay close attention to where the salt is going.

When salt makes its way to your lawn, it creates an environment not suitable for normal grasses to grow. Just like too much sodium will dehydrate you, too much sodium can dehydrate your lawn. Even more unfortunate, you may be encouraging weeds to make their way into your lawn. Weeds have the strength to survive in ‘salty’ soils and in dry soil.

While you are preventing a buildup of ice on your walkways this winter, be sure to work to keep the salt off of your lawn. This will save you many potential headaches and costly lawn treatments when the spring comes back around.

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