Lawn Fertilizer Services Near Me: On the Hunt for Lawn Care

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Lawn Fertilizer Services Near Me: On the Hunt for Lawn Care

Finding the Best Lawn Fertilization in Cincinnati for Your Yard

If you’ve been searching for “lawn fertilizer services near me,” one thing is certain: you aren’t happy with how your lawn looks right now. Maybe, over the winter, you moved into a new home and when spring started, you were surprised by unhealthy turf. Or, it could be that the quality of your previous lawn fertilizer company declined over time, leaving you with weeds and bare patches. Perhaps your neighbor’s yard has sprung up lush and green, and yours doesn’t quite compare.

Whatever the reason, “lawn fertilizer services near me” is on your mind, and Paramount Lawn + Landscape is a premiere provider of lawn fertilization in Cincinnati. We’re passionate about beautiful turf that can stand up to pets and traffic and still be stunning year-round. We just hate when homeowners don’t get the service they’re paying for.

4 Tips for What to Look For in Your
“Lawn Fertilizer Services Near Me” Search

There are many competitors for lawn fertilization. A search for “lawn fertilizer services near me” shows 437 results! It’s impossible to compare that many options. So here are our four tips for what to look for when you’re seeking the greenest lawn on the block:

  1. Talk to your neighbors
  2. Check reviews
  3. Know the different services
  4. Don’t pick only on price

Lawn Fertilizer Services Near Me: On the Hunt for Lawn Care

“Lawn Fertilizer Services Near Me” Search:
Start Local

While it’s so easy to Google “lawn fertilizer services near me,” don’t be afraid to get a little out of your comfort zone in pursuit of the greenest lawn. Identify your neighbors who have the best lawn and ask them who they use to fertilize it. Start out your conversation telling them that you’re so impressed by their green, weed-free grass. This true flattery will get you everywhere, and it’s no surprise that they will be happy to share information with you.

“Lawn Fertilizer Services Near Me” Search:
Check Reviews

At Paramount Lawn + Landscape, we are proud of our customer reviews. Here’s how we stack up:

There’s always room for improvement (we’re looking at you, Angi!), but the number and quality of our reviews speak for themselves.

When you’re reading reviews from your “lawn fertilizer services near me” search, keep in mind:

  • Overall number of reviews: a couple 5-star reviews is not as impressive as 100 4.5-star reviews. More reviews shows that the company has been around longer and inspires more loyalty from customers. Also, you’ll get a better idea of what your service from them might be like.
  • Don’t focus on the negative: Every company in the world has a few bad reviews. Partly, it’s because no company is perfect and partly it’s because some customers are also… imperfect. What you’re looking for is an overall high rating. But if you see a common thread in the negative reviews, definitely ask the company about that if you decide to call them.
  • Check the dates: More recent reviews are going to be more indicative of how the company performs today.
  • Look for reviews that mention fertilization: Lawn care companies often provide a variety of services. Read reviews with an eye for what you want to buy, “lawn fertilizer services near me.”

Lawn Fertilizer Services Near Me: On the Hunt for Lawn Care

“Lawn Fertilizer Services Near Me” Search:
Know What Services You’re Being Quoted

Lawn fertilizer service plans can vary by provider. Here are some questions to ask to make sure you’re getting quotes for high-quality service:

  • How many applications do you apply in a year? (not how many visits)
  • What’s included with each application?
  • Do you have applications in spring, summer and fall? (early spring and late fall applications are important)
  • If I have questions or concerns, who is my contact? Will that always be the same person? Can that person come out to check on my lawn?

“Lawn Fertilizer Services Near Me” Search:
Price Shouldn’t Be Your Only Consideration

Everyone knows that the lowest price provider probably won’t provide the highest quality. But it’s not a given that the highest price will result in the best lawn. Your best bet is to ask your neighbors for recommendations, read reviews and ask questions about their services.

If you’ve decided to get a quote Paramount Lawn + Landscape, we’re flattered! Contact us. 

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