Lawn Fertilizer Schedule for Cincinnati

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Your Grass Will Grow Green and Lush… if You Follow the Right Lawn Fertilizer Schedule

At Paramount Lawn + Landscape, we follow a 6-Step Lawn Fertilization Program, and our customers enjoy a green yard all year long.

6-Step Lawn Fertilization Program

This lawn fertilizer schedule covers all four seasons, for year-round fertilization. We fertilize grass in the spring, early summer, mid-summer, late summer and fall. In the winter, we apply a slow-release fertilizer that continuously feeds the lawn into spring.

That first spring application happens when temperatures start staying around 50 degrees, in March or April. The early summer application occurs before temperatures reach their summer peak. The late summer and fall applications help heal any damage from summer heat and activity, along with getting your lawn ready for winter.

Add Weed Control to Your Lawn Fertilizer Schedule

Fertilizer alone will help weeds grow as green as your grass– and they will spread a lot faster. Avoid ruining a beautiful lawn with the following weed control:

  1. Spring: apply pre-emergent herbicides for crabgrass control
  2. Early summer: apply herbicide for broadleaf weed control, along with an additional application for crabgrass
  3. Mid-summer: Don’t forget about pests! Apply insect and grub control
  4. Late summer: Keep an eye out for broadleaf weeds and spot spray as needed
  5. Fall: Before heading into winter, eliminate those last broadleaf weeds

Lawn Fertilizer Schedule for Cincinnati

How Does Watering Fit into Your Lawn Fertilizer Schedule?

After each application of fertilizer, it’s good to water your lawn. If you turn on your sprinklers within 24 hours, the fertilizer will seep into the ground and reach the roots. Also, fertilizer will wash off the blades of grass, preventing leaf burn.

Staying on Top of Your Lawn Fertilizer Schedule

A beautiful lawn doesn’t just happen. It has to be nurtured. If your Cincinnati lawn needs some care and attention, we can get your grass green again. Contact the team at Paramount.

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