A Good Landscape Design Can Make Your Home More Secure

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One of the worst things a home owner can experience is a home invasion. A break in can cause feelings of vulnerability and fear. The most common and obvious way to protect your home from a home invasion is to install a home security system. But, did you know that a good landscape design can help reinforce the security of your home as well?

The best place to start is with a good, and basic, landscape design. Home invasions happen more often if the property looks unoccupied. Clean-cut designs rather than sloppy, jungle-like landscaping will let potential burglars know that the property is occupied. Make sure you keep up with property maintenance throughout the year to ensure your property doesn’t look neglected, which could in turn make your property look abandoned.

If you travel a lot, make sure you hire a landscape company to help maintain your property while you are away. A clean-cut design concept that is well maintained will also allow good visibility for your neighbors to check in on your home while you are gone.

Try to limit access to your property by creating a border around your lawn with trees, shrubs, or fencing. When considering adding trees to your landscape, remember to leave plenty of space between the treetops and the roof of your house to eliminate the possibility of home invaders climbing up to your second story.

A recent study conducted by Home & Garden reported that only 2 percent of burglars use the second floor windows whereas 23 percent use first floor windows. Keep this in mind when planning your landscape. Overgrown shrubs and trees that are near windows and doors are popular hiding places for home invaders. If you have shrubs or trees planted near these easy access points, remember to keep them trimmed and pruned properly in order to eliminate an easy hiding place. Sheds and garages are also common places for invaders to hide – remember to keep sheds and garages locked at all times.

Rose bushes or other variations of thorny plant material can help prevent burglars from entering your home. Think of it as barbed wire – no one wants to walk through that. Outdoor lighting of any kind will also deter invaders. Motion sensors, path lighting, up-lighting against your home, and down-lighting from your trees – there are many options to add a little light to your property, which will definitely make a home invader think twice about stepping onto your lawn and exposing himself.

Home invaders do not want to enter a home if it isn’t easy for them or is they are going to risk being seen – so make it difficult. Use these tips to create a secure home that you feel comfortable in.

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