Hedges – Living Walls

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Hedges are essentially walls created with plants. Some hedges are made specifically for decorative purposes, while others also provide more practical functions such as security, privacy, and windbreaks.

Decorative hedges are often meticulously trimmed to precise shapes and sizes, but not all shrubs should be formed and sculpted in this manner.  Boxwoods are the standard shrub for hedges. Yews and Privets also form wonderful hedges. These three varieties can be shaped easily and trimmed to provide a classic looking hedge. Planted in a row along your property line, these shrubs are a great way to separate your property from your neighbor’s.

If it is security and privacy you are looking for, try planting a row of Holly shrubs. Some Hollies grow tall enough to serve as privacy screens, while others (such as English Holly) also provide security with their prickly leaves.

Deciduous shrubs can also be utilized, but keep in mind that their beauty doesn’t last year round. Deciduous shrubs drop their leaves, so while they look great when in bloom, they are just so-so during the winter. This makes them less ideal for privacy screening. Rose of Sharon and Lilac bushes are popular deciduous hedge shrubs. These types of shrubs are best if just lighting trimmed.

Before choosing what type of shrubs you want to incorporate in your hedges, check with your local nursery to find out what works best in your zone and what type of shrub will provide you with the look that you want for your lawn.

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