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Lawn fertilization is the most important aspect of yard maintenance. One of the biggest differences between a really nice looking, healthy yard and one that looks as though it has been neglected is the food that grass receives. Unfortunately, this is also the area where most people tend to slack, due to a lack of knowledge about what their yard craves. Grass needs to be fed periodically. While some of its nutrients can come from the environment, much of it usually needs to come from an alternative source. 

The best lawn fertilization comes from getting food that has a slow release mechanism or from a series of applications. Most kinds of grasses can’t intake all the nutrients from the food all at once. That means they either get choked up with too many nutrients or much of it goes to waste. A slow release formula or a series of applications means the grass can take the nutrients that it needs at the time and then get more as weeks go on. It also means that you as the homeowner can spend less time feeding your yard and more time enjoying it.

The best way to accomplish lawn fertilization is with the use of a good spreader. This is not only the cleanest method, but the quickest and the easiest way to ensure an even spread. You may wish to fill the applicator away from your yard, however. People have killed their grass with over feeding by filling the spreader in one place while the machine spits out the food on the other side.

Make sure when using a new bag of lawn fertilization material that you read the instructions carefully. Many similar products have drastically different directions. Failure to follow these directions to the letter could be hazardous to your yard. Of course, if you feel like you’re not up to the task, there are companies you can hire to take care of feeding your grass and giving it the proper nutrients.

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