Fun Facts about Healthy Lawns

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Below are a few fun facts about healthy lawns:

*One acre of grass breaks down approximately 100 pounds of pollutants.  These pollutants include nitrogen oxide, nitrates, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen fluoride, and other greenhouse gases.

*There is enough oxygen produced by just 625 square feet of lawn for one person daily.  A lawn of only 5000 square feet can provide for eight people.

*Grass decreases the amount of noise.  Can you imagine the acoustic effect if there was no grass in the world?

*Grass is a great air conditioner in summer and heater in winter.  Grass typically stays at the nice temperate ranges of 50 – 75 degrees Fahrenheit even when sidewalks and streets are as hot or cold as 100-30 degrees.

*Lawns house insects and microorganisms which are vital to our health and help to break down the unwanted thatch and organic debris in lawns.

*Healthy grass roots penetrate deep into the soil and create an interlocking system which prevents erosion.

*Lawns help to clean dust out of the air. The lack of lawns is part of the reason for severe sand storms in other areas of the world and on other planets.

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