Dreaded Dandelions

 In Landscaping and Hardscaping

While some people like to consume the leaves of a Dandelion plant, and others enjoy making tea from the flowers, most of us just want them out of our lawns! Dandelions are a perennial weed, which means year after year people across the country battle with the little yellow pest. As the grass becomes greener in the spring and summer, the vibrant yellow of a dandelion is not attractive in lawns.

Many people try to pull these by hand; the problem with hand removal is fairly straight forward, the plant has a very long root and it’s extremely fragile. Trying to pull it by hand normally results in missing a piece, and any missed pieces can easily regrow into a full plant. It is very hard to control dandelions because their seeds can travel with the wind for miles. So, even if your yard is free of them right now, a good wisp of the wind could land a seed right where you don’t want it.

Thankfully there are ways to control the spread of dandelions, which is good news especially for those who enjoy green and weed free grass.

Our next application in our Fertilization Program, beginning this week, will help manage your dandelion problems! Call us today for a quote so that we can make your lawn weed-free! (513) 984-5200

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