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Urgent! Crabgrass pre-emergent!

Sign up now for the Paramount Lawn Care Program. The grass is always greener on the Paramount side.

Paramount’s 6-application fertilization program is second to none. We offer the very best products applied by our highly trained lawn care technicians.

Crabgrass pre-emergent is included in the first 2 applications. This is extremely important because this is the most effective way to control crabgrass. “An ounce of prevention “.

The Paramount Lawn Care program includes grub control and insect control. Our 6-application program has you covered without upselling you. We also offer a 5% discount if you pre-pay for the season.

Perimeter Pest and Mosquito Control


Spring aeration is another great service.

You can’t aerate too much and the benefits are fantastic. A spring aeration paired with a fall aeration, over-seeding, and starter fertilizer is a slam dunk. Call the office for pricing and scheduling.

We also offer our Plant Protection Program which includes 6 Ornamental Tree and Shrub applications. The first dormant oil application is starting very soon.


Our Pest Prevention Program is a 4 application program.

This includes perimeter pests as well as Mosquitoes, Fleas, Ticks, Ants, and more. Our customers rave about this program!

Paramount Perimeter Pest & Mosquito Control Program




Call now for all services and projects. Some of our services include: Lawn Care, Landscaping, Irrigation, Lighting and Landscape Maintenance. We offer 12 months zero interest financing on projects up to $35,000.




If we can’t help you, we will always try to recommend someone who can. We appreciate your business tremendously.

Thank You,

Joe Tekulve

President/ Owner


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