Composting For A Nutrient Rich Landscape

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Composting is the process of organic waste breaking down into nutrient rich, healthy soil.

The average person throws away four pounds of garbage each day. Approximately seventy five percent of that garbage is compostable, organic matter. Taking this garbage and turning it into compost can be extremely beneficial to the environment, and it is fairly easy.

There is really no right or wrong way to compost. It can be made in a pile in your backyard, or in a manufactured composter that can be purchased at local home improvement or garden supply store. The trick to making good compost is to achieve the proper mix of organic materials.


The three main ingredients in compost are browns, greens, and water. Dead leaves, twigs, and sawdust are all examples of ‘browns.’ ‘Greens’ include grass clippings, coffee grounds, and fruit and vegetable waste. Browns will add carbon to your compost, while greens add nitrogen. Water helps to break down the organic matter.

To achieve the perfect compost make sure that your composter, or pile, is comprised of equal amounts of browns and greens. There should be just enough water to make the material moist, but not overly soggy. Eventually, your compost will break down and become incredibly nutrient rich soil that can be used in your landscape and gardens.

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