Bulbs For Fall Planting

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Planting bulbs in the fall is the best way to ensure beautiful and colorful flower beds when the warm weather returns. Bulbs can be planted through November, as long as the ground is not yet frozen. Below is a list of common flowers that should have their bulbs planted in the fall.

Tulip – Tulips are a gorgeous addition to any garden. They have a beautiful fragrance and their blooms come in a wonderful array of colors. They can reach heights on 1 to 3 feet and their long stems make them perfect for creating floral displays. Make sure to plant them where they will get plenty of sun.

Daffodil – These brilliantly colored flowers are very easy to maintain and drought resistant. They are also resistant to deer and rabbits. Daffodils will typically produce a yellow to orange colored flower and they need plenty of sun.

Hyacinth – Hyacinths are easy-care bulbs, typically planted in large, dense, masses. They produce a tranquil scent and beautiful array of colors ranging from blues to yellows. Hyacinths grow best in well-drained soil and full sun.

Crocus – Crocus are one of the first bulbs to produce spring-time flowers, often showing up before the snow has completely melted. They look great planted in large groups under trees or in lawns. Blooming in colors like pink, purple, and white, they truly are one of the first glorious signs of spring.

All bulbs need to be planted with the ‘pointy side’ up. They will need to be planted fairly deep, but not too deep. Different bulbs may need to be planted at different depths; for example, a tulip bulb should be planted about 8 inches deep, while a crocus can typically be planted about 4 inches deep. A common rule of thumb is to plant the bulb two to three times as deep as the bulb is tall. Be sure to plant them in a place where they will receive plenty of sunlight once flowering so that you will have magnificent color in your gardens throughout the spring season.

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